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New Israeli Factory in the Netherlands Will Produce 3D Printed Fake Meat to Replace Real Meat Produced by Farmers

An Israeli company called Redefine Meat has announced a deal to partner with an importer that will deliver its lab-grown meat into Western Europe, where World Economic Forum-puppet governments are forcing ranchers and farmers to cull their herds of beef cattle, chickens and swine.

Redefine Meat markets its product under the brand name “New Meat,” using 3D printers to manufacture pieces of meat that mimic steaks, tenderloins and other choice cuts, it said in a release on 13 October.

They use genetically modified cells to grow this “meat” in a lab.

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, the Israeli start-up company, which raised $170 million in financing this year, operates large-scale meat printers at its headquarters south of Tel Aviv, and a new factory in the Netherlands, where it plans to develop its products as an alternative to real meat raised by ranchers in fields and farmlands.

[In a press release in November 2021, the Israeli company said it planned to “start production by the end of the year.” It joined various other international food innovation companies in the Netherlands, including Meatless Farm and Bill Gates’ Beyond Meat.]

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The Netherlands? Now isn’t that interesting that the Redefine fake-meat company would open a factory there?

The government of the Netherlands is headed by Mark Rutte, a presenter and author at the World Economic Forum. And Rutte just happens to be the most aggressive pusher of green-energy programs in Europe. His anti-farming, anti-private property policies are so aggressive that he’s touched off an uprising among Dutch farmers, who are frustrated by the new laws forbidding them from using adequate nitrogen fertilizers and fossil fuels critical to raising livestock.

Without livestock, you have no meat. And without meat, you open up a market for lab-grown fake meat, which suddenly becomes a critical source of protein for human consumption.

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