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Dr. Shimon Yanowitz Discusses Covid Injection Vial Contents – We are in a Genocidal War

Dr. Shimon (or Simon) Yanowitz joined The Stew Peters Show to expose the dangerous formations he found in the thawed Covid injection vials. He found nano worms, circuitry, and Bluetooth signals coming from the injections.

Dr. Yanowitz is an electrical engineer and independent researcher based in Israel.  He has done extensive research on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.  He argues that the Spanish flu pandemic was caused by injections administered “to prevent meningitis.”

Dr. Yanowitz has not had any Covid injections however he has seen these nanostructures in samples of his own blood.  He is unwell as a result. “I have good reason to assume this is [due to vaccine] shedding through skin contact,” he said.

It’s difficult to obtain vials of “vaccines” for testing.  For some of the vials that were tested which Dr. Yanowitz has seen the results, “the chain of custody is quite complicated,” he said.  They weren’t able to obtain sealed frozen vaccine vials in Israel.  So, he worked with colleagues in Europe and was able to obtain some from Europe. “We had the unique opportunity to thaw them and to look at them right as they were thawing,” Dr. Yanowitz said.  They were able to obtain sealed and frozen vials of Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” although it’s not clear how many such samples they were able to obtain.

“In other cases, we looked at used [thawed and open] vials that had been standing for a while.  In none of these cases, [do] we want to elaborate too much on how we got these vials because this could put some people at risk.”

It’s not just a bioweapon, Dr. Yanowitz explained.  “If you build an electronic circuit in [a] person’s brain and body, or you’re sending carbon-based worms to the person’s brain and heart and so on – and some of these worms may carry toxins – this is not just a bioweapon. It’s technological warfare.”

“People who would say this is a conspiracy theory – they are right.  It is a conspiracy theory [which is] proving to be real, very real.

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