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Cult-Owned Zelensky Meets With Cult-Owned Goldman Sachs To Ask For Help ‘Counteracting Misinformation’ & Beg For More Money

Ukraine’s thespian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with the leaders of U.S. investment company Goldman Sachs on Thursday to ask for money and to plea for help with countering “misinformation” derailing his agenda.

Goldman Sachs Executive Vice President John Rogers and Co-Head of the Office of Applied Innovation, and President of Global Affairs Jared Cohen participated in the discussion.

According to the pro-Ukraine Telegram outlet Ukraine NOW, Zelensky met with the representatives to discuss the possibilities of “attracting investments for the needs of Ukraine,” which apparently include “cyber defense” and “counteracting the spread of misinformation.”

That’s right, the wartime leader had time to negotiate funding for combatting information just like the article you’re currently reading instead of raising money for his troops fighting the nuclear superpower that invaded their country.

Zelensky told the big bankers he’d allow the opening of new businesses and the testing of new technologies in Ukraine in exchange for their investments.

The Ukrainian leader similarly offered to sell out his country to mega-corporations in exchange for them using the nation as a technological testing ground when he appeared as a hologram at several tech conferences back in June.

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