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Confirming Conspiracy Theories when they prove True is Fun

Consider this absurd and baseless right-wing conspiracy theory about blocking the sun, which I never reported on:

Blocking the sun? How nonsensical! The idea that our authorities would try to block the sun is obviously completely crazy.

Fact-checker Snopes explains why this ridiculous theory is false:

As previously detailed by Snopes, a fact-checking organisation, the assertion is largely based on sensationalist reports about the scope and ability of the SCoPEx project.

That makes sense, right? Except… I was so surprised yesterday, when I read this news, two years after the Snopes debunking:

Okay, so now, blocking the Sun is good for you and is no longer a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory.

What I Do and Don’t
I never report on futuristic and speculative conspiracy theories. It is just not my schtick. I am perfectly fine with other people doing so. I enjoy reading about, and thinking about, such futuristic predictions like “they will try to block the sun”. I think about them when investing my money. I also remember them.

I find such speculation interesting — and I think a lot about the future also — but I prefer not to write about speculative conspiracy ideas online because some of them might not prove true and then I would be embarrassed.

What I do report is actual news about things that have already happened
When Dr. Mike Yeadon and others sounded alarms in 2020 and 2021 that Covid vaccines would destroy fertility, I stayed out of that discussion. The reason was that their concerns seemed very interesting and plausible, but they were based on predictions that might or might not pan out. I did not report on such allegations, but I remembered them.

What I do instead, involves reporting on recent news or analysing data representing events that already happened. When fertility dropped and deaths soared as predicted in heavily vaccinated countries this year, I reported on the facts that actually transpired — that happened to validate the earlier theory that Covid vaccine can cause depopulation.

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