Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 October 2022

Cult-Owned CDC Psychopaths ‘Highly Likely’ (They Will) to Add ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines to Childhood Immunisation Schedule in Move That Would Indefinitely Extend Cult-Owned Manufacturers’ Protection From Liability

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) vaccine advisory committee is holding a meeting on Thursday at which observers have said it is highly likely the committee will add COVID-19 vaccines to the standard childhood immunisation schedule.

Alex Berenson writes:

I have not confirmed this plan with the agency. But the Federal Register – the official Government notice for the meetings – reports that “recommendation votes on pneumococcal, adult immunisation schedule, child/adolescent immunisation schedule and COVID-19 vaccines are scheduled.” [emphasis added]

Alex suggests that the reason for the move may be to retain indefinitely the protection from liability for vaccine injuries the companies currently enjoy but which would lapse upon the ending of the ‘public health emergency’.

Then why make this move, which is both irrelevant and embarrassing since it throws a spotlight on the way parents have rejected the shots for kids? The real answer may be the potential liability over the shots the mRNA companies may soon face.

The federal ‘public health emergency’ declaration now in place protects Pfizer and the other vaccine companies from being sued over any side effects from their shots. This is likely the primary reason the declaration was extended again days ago, despite the lack of any evidence that Covid is causing even minor stress on the medical system.

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