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Informed Consent Stampeded Out of Way in Rush to Get Everyone Injected

A vaccine harm support group campaigner is pleading with health bosses to ensure the public is given informed consent over covid injections.  Jackie Fletcher is from Justice, Awareness and Basic Support (JABS).  Her son, Robert, suffered catastrophic brain injuries as a result of an MMR childhood vaccine in the 1990s and she has been campaigning ever since to raise awareness of vaccine harm.

All people, and this includes parents too, have a right to make an informed consent for themselves or their child. The standard for Informed Consent is set by the UK Supreme Court’s Montgomery ruling of 2015. In relation to Covid-19 injections, as they are being offered under an emergency measure certificate and therefore still going through the vaccine trial process the Nuremberg Code of 1947 also applies.

For an informed decision to be made the person must be given all the information about what the medical procedure or vaccination involves. The benefits and risks must be explained in relation to the individual’s personal health status, age and sex. The person must be told of any reasonable alternatives to what is being offered and what the risks will be if the procedure or vaccination does not take place.

Has the government put in place necessary procedures and instructions for health professionals to follow this legal requirement and for patients and parents to have the time to make a considered decision?

In a heartbreaking interview with Holding the Line, Fletcher claims she was not given informed consent about the risks involved. She believes millions of others in the UK are also not being told about the pros and cons of the covid injections.

She said: “What we are finding is that informed consent is being stampeded out of the way, particularly with the covid injections. In the haste to get everyone vaccinated they have not allowed for sufficient time to personalise it in relation to the individual, to determine the risk in terms of their age, sex and health situation, and to discuss the alternatives, so the person is fully informed and able to make a proper judgement.  It is very much, let’s see how fast we can get people through the system.”

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