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Nuke War In Ukraine? No Big Deal, Says Biden Ally And Joke ‘Scientist’ deGrasse Tyson

Liberal guests on Bill Maher’s comedy show downplayed the risk of nuclear escalation in the Ukraine vs. Russia war for control of the Donbas region.

“They’re tactical nukes — they’re just bigger versions of what a conventional attack would be,” said Neil deGrasse Tyson, a Harvard-trained science and “science communicator.” He said on the October 15 show:

Modern nukes don’t have the radiation problem …  it’s a different kind of weapon than Hiroshima and Nagasaki … in the way that we used to have to worry about with fallout and all the rest of that. What you really have to worry about is being vaporized and after that, if you’re not vaporized, blown to bits by the shock wave. That’s a way bigger problem that you’re going to have.

The dismissal of nuclear weapons is sharply different from the widely shared view during the Cold War. Back then, nearly every official and commentator recognized that any limited use of nuclear weapons would likely spiral out of control into a city-smashing nuclear war, amid the emotion and danger of the crisis.

These days, deGrasse Tyson is an emotional supporter of President Joe Biden and a reliable progressive. For example, he supports much of the transgender ideology that is being pushed by Biden. He is now backing Biden’s policy of providing unconditional support to Ukraine — and many billions of dollars in weapons.

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