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Expertly Guided Antarctica Holidays

The polar regions offer remarkable weather and sights and breathtaking marine and wildlife experiences for lovers of the ice lands. Many people love to visit these places to experience something truly remarkable in some of the most remote and forbidding parts of our planet. 

Antarctica is revered for its numerous icescapes, beautiful penguins, and vibrant wildlife. It attracts various individuals for explorations at different times of the season. However, Antarctica holidays are even more authentic and memorable when prepared by the right polar cruise operators.

This blog looks to provide selective and expertly guided Antarctica holidays that will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will outline the best places to visit, so you can book the most suitable time to explore the sights.

Discovering Antarctica

Sailing through the harsh Drake Passage is an unforgettable experience that all voyagers have to go through as they travel to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands. The Drake Passage is one of the most famous, and dare we say it, infamous, bodies of water in the world. It joins the Atlantic’s warm waters with the Southern Ocean’s cold water.

The Drake Passage is named after the 16th Century British Explorer Sir Francis Drake and serves as a memorable and exciting adventure for individuals who pass through it. Despite its infamy, many travelers report that their journey through the passage was nothing but plain sailing. 

Places to Visit for the Best Antarctica Holidays

Below is a list of places in Antarctica that offer tourists, explorers, and locals the best holiday attractions coupled with immersive and unforgettable experiences:

Antarctic Peninsula

When it comes to enjoying Antarctica’s landscapes and large luminous blue icebergs, the Antarctic Peninsula is the best place to visit. The Antarctic Peninsula offers an impressive and breathtaking view of the varying sizes and shapes of icebergs which seem to light up from the inside.  

The Antarctic Peninsula also boasts a special and unique variety of wildlife, especially the different species of seals, such as the predatory leopard seal, the Weddell seal, and the Crabeater seal. You will also find an extensive array of seabirds, including skuas, albatrosses, shearwaters, and petrels. Also, don’t forget that the peninsula also boasts a collection of beautiful penguin rookeries and many whale species.

Falkland Islands

Talk about an illuminating, glowing night sky accompanied by crystal-clear air, wildlife, and a recurring landscape. You’ll be referring to the Falkland Islands. However, only a few people get to witness the wonders of these islands due to their geographic isolation. Although, it is this isolation that gives people the chance to experience something they’ve only ever dreamed of.

The long absence of visitors has enabled the island’s penguin population to thrive, scaling up to hundreds of thousands. You will encounter various colonies of penguins, such as the tiny and questioning Gentoo penguins, the noble black-tied King penguins, and the Rockhopper colonies of excited and bizarre burrowing Jackass penguins. In addition, the Falkland Islands boast of the mild and black-browed Albatross, the most extraordinary wildlife treasure of the islands.

Antarctic Circle

Crossing the Antarctic Circle on your expeditions is an excellent and impressive moment. Interestingly, most tours to the Antarctic Peninsula rarely get to 66° 33′ S. Hence, being one of the few people who will venture far south of Antarctica is worth celebrating.

The Antarctic Circle boasts Weddell seals, some of the most magical ice formations, and it’s home to the midnight sun.

Major Guided Expeditions in Antarctica

Alt-text: Tourist taking a photograph of a penguin in Antarctica.

Going with the experts is the surest way to maximize your Antarctica holidays. At Poseidon expeditions, we provide unique and remarkable polar cruise experiences for adventurous voyagers to Antarctica. Our guided expeditions include:

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking allows tourists to experience the waters and beautiful environments of Antarctica in a unique and exciting way. Kayakers in South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, and other regions are opened to delightful paddling opportunities, polar scenery, ice features, and encountering beautiful swarms of penguins and seals.


Imagine capturing the beauty of an Antarctica Albatross as it opens its wings and plays beside its chick, or two or more seals fighting or lying beautifully on a glacier, or penguins encompassed around an iceberg. Capturing such delightful imagery alongside wildlife experts and photographers is an exciting experience.

With the pleasant and aesthetic scenery of Antarctica, you can capture every moment that delights your senses with training from our experts.

Antarctica Camping

Camping is a unique opportunity for you to experience the white wildernesses of Antarctica. You can immerse yourself in the feeling of what it’s like to be out on the ice and snow while capturing beautiful photos and watching the phosphorescent light of the night sky. Our camping program will give you an unforgettable experience of everything Antarctica offers.


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