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A case study in domination and depravity: the Skull & Bones Society

The Jan 6 Committee is a joke.  Saturday Night Live can’t buy one. 

No one is watching or buying the storyline behind the Jan 6 committee.  Now even the never watched Saturday Night Live is making fun of it.

Infowars reported today on SNL’s skit last night.   It wasn’t funny but neither is the SNL committee.

At first glance, an eerie stone edifice at the prestigious Yale University in Connecticut, windowless and padlocked, may suggest a masonic lodge or a mausoleum. Both guesses would be partially correct, as we shall explain. This is actually the base of an undergraduate association, the Skull & Bones Society, which nurtures hand-picked students for leadership in politics and international commerce. But it is more than that, for this strictly secretive society is a protagonist of the New World Order.

Linked to freemasonry, the Skull & Bones Society was founded in 1832. The Tomb, as its base is known, is reputedly adorned with skulls and skeletons, many from Indian tribes. The dark, macabre furnishing conveys the morbid obsession of a cultish fraternity that also goes by the name of Brotherhood of Death.

Every year, on Tap Night, 15 students are selected for entry (with a tap on the shoulder). They pledge an oath of secrecy, after a bizarre initiation ceremony in which they lie naked and divulge intimate details of their sexual experience.  Anthony C Sutton, expert on the hidden hands of power, acquired membership lists going back to the beginning of Skull & Bones, finding prominence of wealthy and influential eastern seaboard families: Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Bundy and Bush. Allegedly Skull & Bones is a recruiting ground for the CIA.

Rivals for the US presidency in 2004, George Bush and John Kerry were asked on NBC News, in separate interviews, whether they had anything to say about the Skull & Bones Society, of which they were known members. Both ‘Bonesmen’ answered bluntly: ‘that’s secret’. The popular presenter Tim Russert died approaching the next presidential election, aged 58. Bush junior was the third Skull & Bones graduate in the White House, following his father and William Howard Taft.

The impact of Skull & Bones on global events is difficult to quantify, but highly significant. When Lenin traversed Europe en route to Russia to lead the Bolshevik revolution, he carried a trunkload of cash. His financing and remarkably uninterrupted passage through Germany was probably the result of powerful people working behind the scenes. Skull & Bones espoused the Soviet experiment, testing a dictatorial, collectivist system as a precursor to elite-driven world government. The society was also a supporter of the eugenics movement.

Especially relevant today is the relationship between Skull & Bones and Mao Zedong’s Chinese revolution. Mao was of peasant background in Hunan province, and certainly didn’t aspire to attending university. However, it is suspected that this secret society at Yale backed the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, because it served the globalist project As David Icke explained in Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, ’the reason for the Cult’s Chinese revolution was to create a fiercely-controlled environment within which an extreme structure for human control could be incubated to eventually be unleashed across the world’.

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