Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 October 2022

The ‘Real Magic’ Of Ancient Egypt: The Hidden Law Of Vibration

Different geometric forms based on the shape-caused wave create different energetic effects, but there’s a deeper level behind that. And that is different geometric forms actually resonate with different levels of creation, or what Dr. Karim calls “planes of nature.”

This is called the Ibrahim Karim Universal Pendulum, and it actually combines shapes that all have particular geometries that resonate with them.

This means that by using the correct geometric form, the ancient Egyptians understood they could create a direct resonant exchange, like with an antenna based on sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry became an antenna to resonate with a particular higher plane. For example, if we take a look at this level, what in the human being is the emotional body and emotional function, and referred to as an outer plane in the Western tradition as the astral plane.

Astral comes from the root “Aster”, meaning star, meaning a source of light. And the forms that connect to that are the form of a hemisphere or a pyramid.

So when they use the form of a pyramid, it wasn’t just for pyramid power as energy. Pyramid power actually is the negative green ray that was identified by the French as the penetrating carrier ray that comes from this particular form.

Both a hemisphere and a pyramid create that negative green emanation.

But the reason why that form is creating the emanation is that the shape itself acts like an antenna for the astral plane. And that’s why they knew that by modifying the shapes on the pyramid, by making a slight indentation in the center of the four faces of the pyramid, it’s so slight you can’t see it from the ground.

You can see it from the air, and from the air, you can see the slight indentation on the faces of the major pyramids at the Giza plateau.

So the placement of the King’s chamber inside the great pyramid is not in the exact middle, where you might expect it to be. It’s not in the middle, it’s about 6 degrees, 15 minutes off-center.

That’s to get a particular carrier wave within the negative green band, a sweet spot in the entire band.

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