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How Can Young Entrepreneurs Strengthen Their Businesses?

One of the world’s major problems now is the high rate of youth unemployment. To maintain current global employment rates, the World Bank forecasts that 600 million new jobs would need to be created over the next decade. The number of young people earning less than $2 per day increases to approximately 169 million when ‘under-employed’ youngsters are included. Youth entrepreneurship provides novel approaches to fostering economic development among young people. But programs that encourage young people to start their own businesses are still in their infancy on a worldwide scale.


Helping Hand Of Pals 

Until now, most youth programs have ignored the importance of family and community in favor of focusing on businessmen and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among the most important determinants of an entrepreneur’s success, especially for young people living in rural areas, is family encouragement to launch and maintain a firm. It’s crucial to find ways to include and win support from local families and communities.


Development Of Technical Skills

For lack of other options, many younger folks, especially in countries still in development, resort to entrepreneurship. However, they will not always be the ones taking the lead. Youth, households, and communities are more likely to engage with development projects that provide training in transferable skills that can be utilized long after the project is complete. Having said that, entrepreneurs can also connect with trade assistance sites like to learn about trading marketing and the skill of incorporating digital transactions with effective strategies.  


Finance Management 

In order to launch or grow a business, young entrepreneurs need access to funding. The lack of ready capital is a particular problem for young people. Therefore, development initiatives should carefully plot out how to help young people secure the financial backing they require. This calls for a comprehensive analysis of existing financial models and the creation of new products that meet the specific requirements of the target demographic of young people.


Focused Objectives 

A mentor can help a fledgling entrepreneur evaluate his or her strategies and ideas. Mentors do more than only provide an example of how to get ahead in life; they also introduce people to their networks and illustrate what it takes to get there. Mentors and mentees need to have solid relationships based on well-defined goals and responsibilities for mentorship to have an impact on mentees’ business ventures, according to literature and assessment on youth entrepreneurship.


Versatile Approach 

Although challenges facing young entrepreneurs in rural areas have commonalities, these issues are best addressed through targeted, community-based interventions. Because of their increased susceptibility to environmental (climate, economic, political, and social) shifts, young people’s needs and goals might vary widely from one community to the next. 


The Bottom Line 

Combating young unemployment can be a difficult task, but entrepreneurship may be a great strategy. That’s why it’s important to learn more about initiatives aimed at encouraging youth entrepreneurship. These five suggestions were culled from the real-world experiences of do-gooders and business owners. 


These results have important implications for the work of development professionals and policymakers in the field of youth entrepreneurship, which aims to alleviate youth unemployment and underemployment in rural areas and create new opportunities for students.


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