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Where to Find High-Quality Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers

Have you ever imagined your perfect bathroom — a place to recharge and relax your mind and body? Whatever picture of the room you draw in your imagination, be sure that with Aquatica, you will be able to make your dream come true.

Aquatica is a successful supplier of amazing bathroom products with 15 years of experience. The secret to the company’s popularity is in the combination of product durability and unique design. Whether you need a ceramic bowl sink, which is green outside and white inside, or a wooden freestanding bathtub, you will find any position in the Aquatica product catalog.

Aquatica Bathroom Product Diversity

The bathroom collection includes the following items:

  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Showers
  • Faucets
  • Waste overflow
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Accessories

In addition, Aquatica supplies products perfect for outdoor recreation. Thus, it is possible to acquire an inground hot tub or a freestanding outdoor shower.

The company offers a great variety of durable materials.

Bathtubs are made of such materials as:

  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Solid surface
  • Black solid surface

Showers are made of such materials as:

  • Glass
  • Glass screen
  • Solid surface
  • Solid brass
  • Solid brass/ABS plastic
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Stainless steel 316L

Sinks are made of such materials as:

  • Composite
  • Ceramic
  • Solid surface

Faucets are made of such materials as:

  • Solid brass
  • Stainless steel 304

A great collection of bathroom products is not the only thing that has made Aquatica so demanded. The company provides an excellent service:

  • Doorstep delivery.
  • One-month return program.
  • Safe packaging.
  • 25 years warranty.
  • User-friendly website with detailed description of every product.
  • Unique body position application (an app demonstrates how a model of you can use a bathtub).
  • Great customer support service (agents are ready to help you at any stage even when the product is already installed).

On Trustpilot, customers rated Aquatica at 4.5.

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