Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 October 2022

Tighten Your Belt: You are in for a Very Bumpy Ride

Regular readers of my books and these pages will understand that the financial chaos engulfing the world, and threatening to send the UK back beyond the recession, into a deep, dark, financial depression, and back to the economic dark ages, will know that nothing that is happening is happening by accident.

This, in case you are in any doubt, is the beginning of the Great Recession, the New Normal, which the conspirators have been boasting about for years.

(Laughably, there are some ignorant collaborators who claim that the ‘Great Recession’ is another conspiracy theory. If only they were right.)

The coming financial chaos was apparent years ago.

When I wrote my book Stuffed!, back in 2012, I pointed out that: ‘The Government can no longer afford to pay the pensions it has promised to public sector workers. Nor can the Government afford to pay the State pension. And, just to make things worse, Government and EU policies have destroyed the attractiveness of private pensions. In a generation’s time our streets will be packed with geriatric, English beggars pleading to be given enough money to buy a little food.’

And now we’re very close to that.

The current UK squabble between Truss’s apparently chaotic and spendthrift Government and the apparently incompetent Bank of England is setting us all up for a perfect financial Armageddon.

The Bank of England says that our financial problems are caused by the Government’s spend, spend, spend policies (which is true). The Government says the Bank of England should have raised interest rates faster (which is also true).

Meanwhile, as British pension funds collapse, millions who were looking forward to a decent retirement can now look forward to penury, poverty and the need to carry on working until they drop. And the Bank’s Governor is in Washington with the Chancellor. I’m sure they are having a wonderful time. Might I suggest that they stay there?

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