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Humans as Bioreactors: How DARPA pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines

Nucleic Acid Vaccines

A nucleic acid vaccine is a vaccine that uses gene delivery methods, such as lipid nanoparticles or viral vectors, to deliver some quantity of either DNA or RNA into a cell. The cell’s own machinery, in the form of RNA polymerases and ribosomes, uses these nucleic acids as instructions to synthesize proteins. In the case of a nucleic acid vaccine, the protein in question is usually one of the structural proteins of a virus, with the aim of generating an antibody response against that specific protein, but this isn’t the only type of product that nucleic acid transfection can produce. Gene transfection into cells can, in fact, make those cells produce any kind of protein, with the right instructions, including monoclonal antibodies, designer receptors, anything imaginable.

In the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, the media and the medical establishment tried getting around this by arguing that since the vaccines did not change the recipient’s DNA, that meant that they weren’t gene therapy. The introduction of foreign nucleic acids into the body to generate foreign proteins is, by definition, gene therapy, regardless of whether or not the subject’s own genes are changed by it. DNA and RNA are genetic material, and if the immune system catches a cell producing non-human proteins, some seriously bad things will happen to that cell.

Unlike a virus, which only binds to specific host factors expressed by specific cell lines and is endocytosed in those specific cells, cationic lipids, like the LNPs used in mRNA vaccines, are capable of transfecting basically any type of cell with instructions to make proteins. LNPs were investigated for many years as a means of delivering Alzheimer’s drugs to the brain, because they readily bypass the blood-brain barrier.

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