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PayPal Terminates Account of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Party Citing “Excessive Risks”

One of Hong Kong’s last remaining pro-democracy parties said Wednesday that PayPal had terminated its account, citing unspecified “excessive risks”. AFP via Insider Paper has the story.

The League of Social Democrats (LSD) posted online that in September it received an email from the Hong Kong division of the U.S. multinational saying its account had been shuttered.

PayPal’s email said the decision was final, explaining that, “upon review of your account we have determined there to be excessive risks involved”, without giving further details, the LSD said.

“We can only call on our supporters to donate via other channels… we are struggling to stay afloat in turbulence,” the group wrote.

AFP has sought comment from PayPal.

The LSD is a Left-wing political group founded by veteran democracy activists.

Most of its core members have served multiple jail terms due to various protests and have been recently released, except founding member “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung.

PayPal stock fell 6% on Monday following backlash over the weekend after its updated acceptable use policy included a $2,500 fine for “misinformation”. The company has now removed that specific clause, claiming (implausibly) that it was included in error – though the threat of the fine is still there for lots of others misdeeds, including anything deemed “objectionable” by PayPal in its “sole discretion”.

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