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‘I should have never done this’: Transgender patients reveal in original Ickonic documentary their regret over NHS sex change operations and why they ‘detransitioned’ after they were ‘rushed’ into life-changing procedures

Two transgender patients today revealed their regret at going through NHS sex change operations and claimed they were ‘rushed’ into the life-changing procedures.

In powerful testimony that will raise fresh fears that vulnerable young people are being pushed into invasive and unalterable surgery by zealous transgender activists, they spoke of the terrible impacts on their mental and physical health.

After describing in graphic detail the nature of the surgery required to remove his male anatomy, 35-year-old Ritchie said: ‘This is not reversible, the experiment is over for me, there really really isn’t any turning back.’

Meanwhile, Amber – who had a mastectomy and took testosterone to transition from female to male – described the pain and health difficulties she had experienced since being ‘rushed’ into surgery, and said she wished she had been given therapy instead.

Their brave testimony in No Turning Back, a new film from Branded Film Studios that can be viewed in full on media platform Ickonic, is a rare example of ‘detransitioners’ coming forward to reveal their regrets.

‘When Mermaids and Stonewall always talk about the people who don’t get the chance to transition, they don’t talk about the people who regret the process of transitioning,’ filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli told MailOnline – referring to two charities who have faced scrutiny for their stance on transgender issues.

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