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Hiring Through LinkedIn in 2023: Tools Guide + Tips

LinkedIn needs no introduction for you if you’re a recruiter. It is the world’s largest professional network and the ultimate recruiting destination for all companies. Not every company uses LinkedIn to its full potential. Moreover, new companies that are being introduced to the challenges of hiring don’t know how to start using LinkedIn.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips for hiring through LinkedIn so that you can find the best professionals without any difficulty. Money, resources, competition, and expectations are all constant limitations on hiring.

Time is typically the main restriction that limits companies from onboarding the best candidates. It’s challenging to complete everything, especially when the top professionals are hard to come by, the talent pool is contracting, and the skills gap is widening.

To address all such problems related to hiring, LinkedIn allows companies to streamline the recruitment process. Keep on reading to know the best tips on how you can recruit through LinkedIn.

Best Tips For Hiring Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 760 million users on its platform, so finding potential candidates and reaching out to them isn’t as difficult as you think. Your company’s potential to expand and remain stable depends on your ability to find and hire quality professionals. To fill such roles, how do managers find people on LinkedIn? Let’s take a look!

1. Use the Power of InMail

InMail is a messaging feature with LinkedIn that allows you to message anyone, irrespective of whether they are on your connections. Most of the professionals on LinkedIn are open to new opportunities and willing to commit to roles if needed. So, your chances of finding the right candidate through InMail are not so slim. All you have to do is take the first initiative and reach out to candidates who seem like the right fit for your business.

Unlike generic emails, InMail allows you to create more personalized messages with higher chances of being noticed. It has a three times higher response rate than conventional email platforms.

If you want to reach out to your prospect on InMail, construct the message similar to how you would on a generic email. Greet them and make sure the text has a conversational tone to it. Then, end the message by thanking them and guiding them on what to do next. Your chances of getting a reply increase once you have a clear context to your message and it is not scattered all over the place.

<p>It is best to message in InMail on weekdays. Try not to text on Saturdays and Sundays since that significantly reduces your chances of getting a reply. Moreover, if you have found that prospect through a current or ex-employee in your company, always mention that in your message.</p>

2. Convert Followers Into Hires

One of the easiest ways to find new candidates through LinkedIn is to engage with the followers on your page. Research shows that more than 58% of the people who follow your business page on LinkedIn wish to work with your company.

Moreover, engaging with your followers increases your chances of getting a response rather than approaching a complete stranger on LinkedIn. Your followers are most likely already familiar with your company’s values and what it stands for. So they will not be completely clueless.

Recruiting can be grueling work. It not only requires your time but also a lot of your energy and resources. To save yourself, you can just start engaging with your page followers to find potential candidates. But, an important factor to consider is to create content for your page that people will follow and engage with.

3. Use A Recruiting System To Screen Candidates

LinkedIn by itself is a treasure trove for finding top professionals. However, with countless users of different niches, it can be difficult to locate the ones you think will be the right fit for your company. You can use a screening tool to make the task easier for you.

You can use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Such tools as SignalHire possess features of ATS so that you can easily streamline your recruiting process. SignalHire can be used as a Chrome extension for LinkedIn that makes the entire process swift and effortless. You can run this extension on the LinkedIn profiles of your potential candidates and find the contact information you need. 

 You can also use the tool to find the LinkedIn profiles of candidates using their contact information. Once you have the necessary details, it makes it easier for you to reach out to the candidates and make your pitch. If you want to know about other features, click to read more. 

4. Evaluate Candidates’ Profiles

With millions of active users and thousands of candidates seeking jobs, narrowing your search and finding what you are looking for can be difficult. A good way to understand whether a candidate is the right fit is by looking closely at the candidates’ profiles and evaluating their interests.

Find out what they like and dislike. This will allow you to connect deeper with your candidates and understand what they bring to the table. If you have difficulty evaluating a candidate’s profile, keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, see what kind of content they post. Do their views resonate with that of your companies? Are they aware of the issues your company is determined to solve? Next, go through their contacts and see if you have any common connections. This will give you grounds for reference.

Lastly, find out what kind of groups they are a part of. This might help you to understand how they will fit in with other employees in your company.

5. Create And Share Job Posts

This might seem like a no-brainer. After all, sharing job posts is one of the first steps to finding the right candidate. But that is not how many recruiters think. They get so caught up with the other recruiting factors that they often forget the sheer importance of a well-crafted job post.

Unlike many other sites, creating a job post on LinkedIn is absolutely free, so use that to your advantage. Think of your job post as the poster for your company. Include title, description, skills required, etc. Be clear and concise with what you are looking for. Do not ambiguously craft the post. If the candidates are confused or limited from knowing the full details, they might return from applying.

Provide a call to action on every post so that your followers are encouraged about what to do next. Lastly, ensure that your job descriptions are not too decorative and that you are not promising things you cannot offer. Always be honest in your job posts and ensure it resonates with your company’s values and ethics. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking site, with millions of users. However, LinkedIn’s wide range of career management and job search functions set it apart. You do not get all such features on other platforms.

Both new hires and job seekers can easily find prospects thanks to LinkedIn. That being said, not every recruiter knows how to use LinkedIn properly. If you are keen on finding the right candidate using LinkedIn, you can use the tips mentioned above to narrow down your search.


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