Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 October 2022

Take a look inside the luxury bunkers being built under the ultra-wealthy’s mansions

If you didn’t already think we were living in increasingly dystopian times, this is about to change your mind.

A Swiss company called Oppidum Bunkers, set up to create luxury underground bunkers for the elite, has unveiled its new L’ Heritage fortified underground residences for ‘the most powerful individuals in the world’.

The 1,000 square metre structures are designed to go underneath mansions and are apparently ‘optimised for super-luxury everyday lifestyle, while prepared for all surface threats’.

The high-tech bunkers descend 15 metres below ground and feature an airlock that has been fully equipped as a decontamination chamber, an indoor garden, a fitness space, comfortable living and sleeping areas and a private art gallery – which can be seen through an opaque-to-transparent wall and has bank-vault level security.

The airlock is guarded by two blast doors, with the outer door controlled by a multi-biometric reader that simultaneously scans face, iris, palm and fingerprints.

An optional armoury can be installed and you can sleep easy knowing the structure is built to NATO-standard ballistic and blast protection levels, using high-density concrete with the same formulation used to build nuclear power plants.

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