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Martine McCutcheon ‘heartbroken’ as brother dies aged 31 died with ‘no medical explanation’.

Former EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon has shared how devastated she is after the death of her brother aged 31.

The actress revealed that her brother, LJ – Laurence John – died suddenly with ‘no medical explanation’.

Taking to Instagram to share the sad news, McCutcheon wrote: ‘My heart is forever broken…

‘My baby brother, my gentle giant, sadly passed away, suddenly, 2 weeks ago. He was 31 years old.

‘There is no medical explanation as to why we lost him so soon and whilst we investigate further, we are having to accept that nothing will bring our boy back to us.

‘LJ (Laurence John) was born when I was 15 years old and from the moment I first held him in my arms, I felt so proud and fiercely protective of him. He was such a character! He made us all laugh and loved nothing more than making a plan, having a great play list, bringing people together and generally having a giggle. He hated the thought of a party ending and so was always on to the next thing!

‘LJ had a mild form of special needs and was very clever with gadgets & adored his cars! With unwavering love, support and a commitment to himself, he took hold of life with both hands and smashed through any expectation we had of him. He would genuinely blow us all away at times!’

McCutcheon continued: ‘He had a huge heart and adored Rafferty. He gave me so much, he was my anchor, my radar of what really mattered in life and whilst he was always so proud of me and would tell the world I was his sister – I always wanted to protect him from the limelight and the characters that could be drawn to him for the wrong reasons.

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