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Doctors are allowed to kill you if you can’t manage your own housework and shopping

During the last two years doctors in the UK have become far more likely to let patients die (which is a polite way of saying ‘murder’ them) than at any time since the medical profession stopped using leeches.

A survey quoted in the Journal of Medical Ethics showed that although many doctors claim to oppose euthanasia they are, nevertheless failing to provide care for patients who could be kept alive.

Since the covid fraud was created in early 2020, doctors have become less likely to bother trying to save patients whose hearts stop or who have trouble breathing.

As I have revealed before, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK, which is the official advisory body to the health care world, has produced rules which make it easy for doctors to `kill’ patients who are considered worthless.

And the NICE ruling is utterly crucial.

NICE classified people in nine categories. If you are in category 1 then you are very fit. If you are in category 9 then you are terminally ill (though, when it suits them NHS staff sometimes devise another category of ‘terminally, terminally ill’).

On 29th April 2020, NICE issued amended advice to NHS staff about its resuscitation guidelines, saying that doctors should ‘sensitively discuss a possible DNR with all adults with CFs of 5 or more’. This was issued in response to the coronavirus hoax.

Doctors and nurses were instructed that they should review critical care treatment when a patient ‘is no longer considered able to achieve desired overall goals’.

So, what the devil does this mealy mouthed nonsense mean?

And what is a CF? What does a CF of 5 mean?

Well the letters CF mean clinical frailty and there are several stages.

A CF of 5 means that a patient is mildly frail and may need help with heavy housework, shopping and preparing meals.

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