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Public Officials: How to Hide Evidence That You Are Being Bribed

The promise of America lies specifically in these words: “With Liberty and Justice for all.” Through a balancing of the three branches of government, meant to act as checks on each other, this promise is to be protected and maintained.

But what if the promise has been broken? What if the three branches, executive, legislative and judicial, have been tweaked and compromised? What if they have been captured, to use the present parlance. What would this look like and how would we know?

In fact, we know through experience. Our own, and that of others. The springing up of grassroots groups, throughout America, attempting to deal with the overwhelming abuse of power now seen in the judiciary, is one big clue.

The judiciary was originally seen as the weakest branch of government. Through absolute judicial immunity, coupled with some complicity and collusion by the other branches, the courts have emerged as one of the most powerful arms of the growing hegemony of the state.

If a judge makes a ruling, however far it departs from the law, that ruling has the weight of law. Of course you can appeal, and will find yourself in front of…another judge. If in fact there are “underground guidelines” running the courts now, the previous irregularity of the first judge may be endorsed by the appeals judge. And there goes your “Liberty and Justice for All.”

If judges are now “wired” to accommodate certain prerogatives of the state, then it would stand to reason that they are being compensated for so doing. These black-robed individuals, who are every day now “executing” the law (pun intended) are not some sort of freedom-hating, law-abusing freaks. They are political operatives who are paid to accommodate certain agendas. And lo and behold, it appears they are indeed being paid off, under the table.

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