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And so it goes on … Tributes paid to ‘caring’ teaching assistant who tragically died at just 26 after collapsing at work

A heartbroken mum has paid tribute to her “caring” daughter from Byker who tragically passed away at the age of just 26 after she collapsed at work.

Tiffany Walsh, who was a learning support assistant at Thomas Bewick School in West Denton, Newcastle, began feeling breathless and fell forwards hitting the ground. Despite the best efforts from her colleagues and the emergency services, she tragically passed away on October 3.

Her family has been told she died from cardiac arrhythmia which is a heart rhythm problem and said it could have been a “ticking time bomb”. Tiffany’s sudden death has devastated her loved ones and now her family is trying to raise as much money as possible to give her the “send-off she deserves”.

Paying tribute to her daughter, Catherine Walsh said: “Tiffany loved being mischievous and she used to just laugh all the time, she was an absolute joy. If you were down you would want her to be around you.

“She was infectious and people were just infatuated with her. When she walked into a room everyone’s attention went to her, she didn’t mean to but everyone was so drawn to her.”

Catherine opened up on the shock of losing her daughter at such a young age and said they had an incredibly close bond. She said: “We were very close, we used to always have a joke together. I keep going to ring her and then I remember. It’s really hard, it’s still such a shock.”

Explaining what happened, Catherine said: “She was working at Thomas Bewick School and she was having a lovely day but she sat down because she felt breathless and fell forwards. She was given CPR and the ambulance was called and they did CPR too but she didn’t respond. We were told it could have been a ticking time bomb.”

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