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Parents blocked from checking their child’s trans sex education lessons

Parents have been forbidden from viewing the content of sex education lessons urging children to become transgender allies, the Information Commissioner has ruled.

Material aimed at children aged 12 and above provided by The School of Sexuality Education (SoSE) includes links to Mermaids, the controversial transgender children’s charity, and a seven-minute video urging students to become “trans allies”.

Last week, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ruled that parents at Haberdashers’ Hatcham College do not have the right to see the content of lessons taught by external providers.

The SoSE, which provides workshops on “consent, sexual health, porn and positive relationships” through the viewpoints of decolonisation and inclusivity, was hired by Hatcham College to deliver Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) sessions.

SoSE’s core principles in teaching RSE include an “aim to recognise and address the impact of colonisation” and to focus on “our commitment to equity and social justice”.

The concept of decolonising education has become popular among Left-wing campaigners, who argue that curriculums are too focused on white European culture.

‘Parents must have right to know what is being taught’
Claire Page, a parent, requested lesson slides from Hatcham College after her daughter reported being taught that “heteronormativity” is “harmful,” and was encouraged to be “sex-positive” in a lesson advertised as being about consent.

Heteronormativity is a term used to describe a world in which being heterosexual is seen as the norm.

Mrs Page told The Telegraph: “Parents must have a right to know what their children are being taught at school and must not be shut out of sex education.

“Without access to the materials taught to our children, parents cannot raise legitimate concerns about the public service they are using.”

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