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Is Performance Fabric A Step Towards Better Health?

We are often said to be the sum of the foods we eat, and surely you have heard that old adage. However, in the modern era, the phrase “We are what we wear” might be a useful addition. Don’t forget that your skin is your body’s largest organ of communication with its external environment! What we dress can have an effect on our skin since it serves as an outward barrier to harmful environmental factors. Why? Read on to see how advancements in nanotechnology and athletic fabrics will change the way you dress in the future.

Know What Is Secretly Harming You

The skin controls many of the body’s homeostatic, metabolic, and immune reactions. Oxidative stress, brought on by free radicals, speeds up the aging process of the skin. It’s also been linked to a wide variety of skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis (AD). This, however, is also the primary mechanism responsible for the skin’s natural aging throughout different medical phases. 


What, then, do you believe is frequently wreaking havoc on our skin? It’s not the sporadic sunshine or the stale air. These are, in reality, the garments we wear. However, if your current region is insufficient in facilitating you with performance fabrics you can also trade them through international sites and pay them via trade assistance software like the tesler app through digital currencies too. 

Nanotechnology: The Skin Savior You Need 

The use of functional textiles with inherent qualities like antioxidant capacity and antimicrobial activities in medical settings is on the rise. Nanomaterials, and more specifically metal oxide nanoparticles as well as the utilization of ZnO-function textile fibers, have demonstrated promise and broad uses in the biomedical field because of their acknowledged anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity.


It is generally agreed that ZnO is harmless provided it remains on the surface of the skin and does not absorb into the body. ZnO nanoparticles (NPs) are therefore one of the most widely used nanoparticles of any metal oxide in the life sciences. This is because of the great effectiveness, minimal toxicity, and outstanding biocompatibility they offer.


These textiles are also backing up the trading side with their purchase through digital currencies. So you can log in to trade assistance systems like the tesler app to further advance your fabric purchasing approach. 

An Enhanced Bedding Experience 

The usage of ZnO NPs exclusively in performance textile goods has been proven to have superior anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and deodorant qualities. As an added bonus, they effectively block out both ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. SeaCell, a cellulose-based fiber with algae granules, is used to calm and enrich clothing, and it has a significantly better antioxidant capacity than the cotton sample material.


AD is a chronic inflammatory condition marked by impaired skin barrier function, elevated oxidative excitotoxicity, and bacterial colonization; both nanotechnology innovations appear promising as a “therapeutic” alternative for treating these symptoms. Recent research has shown that patients with AD who wore the ZnO-enriched fabrics saw a significant reduction in disease severity, itching, and poor sleep quality.

The Future Scope 

We’ve gone a long way, baby, from the days when all our clothes were made of linen and cotton. These days, technological textiles are an integral part of our life. Rapid innovation in technical fabrics has led to the creation of everything from antimicrobial mattresses to water-resistant yacht covers. Today, a possible avenue to better skin health can be found in the use of nanotechnology and performance fabrics. 


Engineers in the textile industry propose creating technically proficient textiles enhanced either with metallic nanoparticles or algae-derived goods for use in bedrooms, sleepwear, and home wear. As the last step, studies are being conducted to add a solid scientific dimension to this technique.

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