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Which Type of Group Transportation Should I Book?

Group transportation has become a necessity of life these days. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, group travel offers comfort and convenience while allowing you to save time and energy. There are various types of group transport options available today; which type should you choose?

What to Consider When Booking?

Before choosing a group transportation service, we highly recommend analyzing the needs of your group. You should have a firm understanding of the number of passengers, distance to be traveled, function type, and what your passengers will likely be doing along the drive. Let’s dive into your different options:

Private Car Service

Passengers: 1 to 3

Luggage: 1 to 4

Private car service is an excellent choice for solo, pairs, or a group of three to travel in style and convenience. Most commonly, private car services are booked as an:

  • Hourly service
  • Point-to-point service
  • Day service
  • Multi-stop service
  • Multi-day service
  • Roadshow service
  • Event service
  • Reoccurring service 

No matter the time or distance, these private car services are often booked for corporations, executives, and team members who are looking for a budget-friendly transportation solution. They are also ideal for couples and small families who don’t want to deal with the traffic of an unknown city when traveling, making them the perfect choice for cruise and airport transfers

VIP Luxury Car

Passengers: 1 to 2

Luggage: 1 to 3

Similar in amenities to private car service, the VIP luxury car service is designed for the VIP of your life, whether it be business, familial, or even friendship. These first-class cars will feature Wi-Fi, snacks, beverages, and other reasonable special requests. We recommend going with a VIP luxury car when you want to impress the passenger or do not have a strict budget. While they are a bit more expensive than a standard private car service, the extra perks will leave a lasting impression. 

Sprinter Vans

Passengers: 6 to 14

Luggage: 7 to 14

Sprinter vans are a favorite for medium size group transportation due to the copious cabin space and the captain’s chairs that can swivel around. Sprinter vans are excellent options for families or teams heading to an event or a multi-stop route. Kids will love the space to stretch their legs and watch movies on the flatscreens while teams can work on the road with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 


Passengers: 15 to 36 

Luggage: 20 to 30 

Minibuses are the economical and logical solution for transporting larger groups to events. Whether you are shuttling your team to a conference, your family to a cruise port, or your friends to a bachelorette party, you can rest assured that everyone will arrive at the destination together, on time, and with the ability to adapt should challenges arise. Comparable to a sprinter van, a minibus has similar perks, just with a greater seat count. 

Charter Buses

Passengers: 37 to 55

Luggage: Every bag ever

Last but certainly not least, we have charter buses. Charter buses are ideal if you are transporting a massive crowd of people. Rather than dealing with the nightmare of separate cars, parking, and possibly getting lost along the way, you can easily transport your guests in a safe, secure environment. With bus drivers utilizing live manifests, scheduling tools, and transportation technologies, you and your guests never have to worry about traffic or someone getting left behind.


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