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U.K. ‘Climate’ Aid Money Paying for Gender “Revision” Lessons for Mexican Coffee Growers

With many British taxpayers facing financial calamity this winter, isn’t it grand to note that the vital work of ensuring a “complete revision of the concepts of gender” among Mexican farm workers continues apace. In the public foreign aid budget, it would seem that money is no object when climate change is evoked. A local Mexican academic, Professor Cesar Flores claimed that the “observance” of revised concepts of gender “can have a positive impact in the development of projects of carbon sequestration”.

This vital educational work among the coffee growers in the state of Veracruz is being undertaken by the U.K. Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (PACT), noted to be a “flagship” programme funded by the Foreign Office and the Business Department (BEIS). It is said to fund projects helping developing countries reduce their carbon emissions. It is part of the U.K.’s International Climate Finance portfolio, in which the U.K. is investing £11.6bn to March 2026.

Undisclosed is whether the U.K. taxpayer-funded re-education courses touched on some of the more cutting edge, fluid gender narratives familiar to viewers of the BBC. It might be thought to take some cojones to broach such advanced concepts with traditional, definitely he, him, Catholic Mexican hombres. The local “implementing partners” are said to have received  instructions “around gender, the role of masculinities and about effective communications with a gender perspective”.

The classes occurred as U.K. PACT ran an alternative coffee bush planting project said to mitigate the effects of climate change. The project was said to aim to benefit the coffee producers, “by planting trees that contribute to a higher quality of life for the communities, taking into account the possible utilities and cultural aspects of each species”. There appear to have been plenty of social scientists around to make sure “that the benefits obtained from this programme contribute to closing gender gaps and promoting an authentic inclusive economy”.

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