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Bitcoin, Altcoins bounce bank. How high can they go?

The Crypto market exhibited a dreadful scene in the past few days. It is now experiencing a significant rally. The price of Bitcoin was down by 6 percent. Yet it has rallied since then, commencing at $19,333. It has risen shut to 3 percent within the last 24 hours.

Altcoins are showing a stronger performance than BTC. The value of Ether has been down by 8 percent. But it is now up by 8 percent within the last 24 hours. Ether is buying and selling at nearly $1635. Meanwhile, XRP, Solana, and BNB prices have increased by 5-6 percent.

Ether Classic has a constant upside down movement. After it grew by more than 25 percent, it has been down by almost 9 percent. Yet it has rallied nearly 10 percent within the last 24 hours. You can easily trade Bitcoins at bitcoin-buyer.

Why is cryptocurrency bouncing again?


Prices of cryptocurrencies faced a challenge as a hawkish Federal Reserve was priced in by the buyers. But it appears from the cryptocurrency rally that the buyers are steady. The total market became stable as effectively. S&P increased by 1.8 percent. NASDAQ 100 increased by 2.1 percent.

As the worth of the cryptocurrency market increased through the Covid pandemic, it has been additionally more strongly correlated to the general markets than before. Beta measures how many assets get correlated to the final market. Cryptocurrency property has a beta of two. It implies that if the last market rises or falls by 1 percent, then cryptocurrency property transfers by double as much.

Thus BTC and many cryptos act as tech shares. It is highly correlated to the tech-oriented NASDAQ. A rise of 2.1 percent was seen on NASDAQ 100. Therefore there was the crypto rally.

Bitcoin may experience high selling pressure.

After BTC dropped under $26,000, it made a strong recovery in the last 24 hours. Its price action led to many altcoins rising by double digits. Decentraland and Apecoin rose by more than 50 percent after they almost bottomed out.

Bitcoin was moving from $30000 by more than 18 percent from its swing lows. Yet the strong recovery left several market participants wondering if such an uptrend could stay in the next few days. One way to find out is by checking the realized profits or losses by investors after the reversal of Bitcoin from $26000.

As per analysts, realized profit or loss on this network fell strongly when Bitcoin traded close to its swing lows. It indicated the market participants were not ready to take any sell-action at such levels. With the drying of the supply, there have been a lot of buyers in the market then. It ignites this rally to new high levels.

Yet the profit or loss booking has now returned to its normal levels. There are many transactions of profit and loss happening now at the current levels. There has been a strong upward movement in the metric that followed the recovery. On 12th May, almost 2.37 million BTC was sold at a profit. An increase of over 110 percent from the previous day. Additionally, loss-taking transactions increased to 2.42 million coins, up by almost 20 percent in a similar period.

There is no surprise to check that transactions in profit increased more than loss-incurring ones as the price was in an upward direction. Yet what is worrying is that sell transactions continued to rise even after the price action reversal. It indicates that even though they recovered from the low swings, there may be significant selling pressure in the upcoming day.


The cryptocurrency rally’s size will depend on many elements. The Ether merge has been anticipated to stay anytime within this subsequent week. As per analysts, this will be a specific bullish scene for cryptocurrency. The buyers can check out the information on the Consumer Price Index. It may be launched soon. The Consumer Price Index Information will outline the Federal Reserve’s stance on tackling inflation. It may be having a significant impression on the prices of cryptocurrency. You may be new to cryptocurrency trading and investment. If so, be alert. Do your research. You must also have a look at the Bitcoin trading platform named Bitcoin smart. It is the best one in this industry.

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