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Abu Dhabi Regulator Introduces Its Guiding Principles For Crypto

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority is also known as FSRA. It is the financial watchdog of the Abu Dhabi International Market. It recently released six guiding principles about crypto. The guidelines are for its approach toward digital asset regulation and supervision.  The principles are an addition to the extensive depth of our established framework.”

Even though they are not obligatory. Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin craze in 2008. During that time the names “Cryptocurrency” or “Blockchain” was unknown to the people of UAE. Today, the world’s first “cold storage” cryptocurrency company is operating in Dubai. It is evident that the tides have turned. The UAE crypto is embracing this worldwide trend. For more information about Bitcoin, you may visit Bitcoin and Business.

UAE And Crypto

UAE comes among the world’s most forward-thinking crypto nations. In reality, the DFSA currently accepts cryptocurrency payments. They accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. They help in making payments for different trading permits and visas.

This happens through the government licensing company KIKLABB. It is in Mina Rashid in Dubai. The DSFA will create a thorough framework for crypto-regulatory rules. This is a part of their 2021-2022 business strategy. The DSFA declared this in Jan 2021. The UAE unveiled the Emirates Crypto Strategy 2021 in April 2018. The strategy aims to make the most of blockchain technology.

It focuses on making the UAE the first government powered by blockchain. They will achieve this by moving at least 50% of their transactions onto the platform. And it should happen before 2021 ends.

Dubai is even striving to increase the usage of cryptocurrency nationwide. Many well-known and emerging businesses are deciding to move their offices to the UAE. This is because of the country’s pro-crypto legislation. Recently, American technology company Ripple relocated to Dubai.

Abu Dhabi’s Guideline Principles For Crypto Regulation

The FSRA oversees the financial sector in the open economic sector of ADGM. They released their “Guiding Principles.” It’s about how it approaches the administration and surveillance of digital assets.

The principles promise to adhere to international norms. Those are anti-money corruption, countering the funding of terrorism, and maintaining financial restrictions. They will do this while maintaining a positive tone toward the crypto market.

Five guiding principles were posted. There was no mention of a publication date. The publication of the post was on Abu Dhabi’s global market official website. Globally Known Regulatory Structure. Dynamic and Business Regulations, Risk-focused and Proportion Strategy, cooperation and mutual responsibility.

Maintaining High-Quality Standards & Service. These are the 5 regulations.  The style and material of the fundamentals generally align with common affirmations. It is about keeping the market extra inventive, dynamic, and secure. But there are several details that would characterize the ADGM regulatory environment. The watchdog also plans to work on a “frequent but informal” level with market players.

As per the principles, English Common Law will serve as the foundation for the ADGM’s legal system. Controller, Register, and Court duties will all function inside the trade zone. A regulatory body created by the council will assure regulatory independence. This might sound liberal.

But these tenets will be supported by adherence to global AML/CFT standards. There will be tight coordination with other authorities. And “finance industry supervision” will be a component of the FSRA mission. A consultation document came out in March of 2022 March. In it, ADGM suggested allowing regulated businesses to promote NFT trading. But they should do it within the territory. Kraken and Binance are foreign businesses. They were the first foreign businesses that got legal approval to function in ADGM.


Abu Dhabi is now the unchallenged champion of virtual assets in the Gulf Region. This is due to a wave of favorable laws. FTX,  Binance, and other cryptocurrency exchanges have opened operations in Dubai. The nation’s economic center, after being granted licenses by the recently founded VARA.

It was created as part of a comprehensive law governing virtual assets in Dubai. It forbids businesses from offering cryptocurrency services that lack VARA permission. Since the law’s passage.

A deluge of businesses has flocked to the area looking for long-term licenses. They want an expectation that they will “build a foothold in Dubai.” They want this for applying for permits.

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