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1000x potential tokens of Q4 2022

Crypto markets now look greener. Yet with Bitcoin hovering at the dollar mark of 24000, it can be expected that most altcoins will follow this pattern as they do traditionally. Blockchains such as Terra learned from their past. They are pushing via Luna 2.0 as all are learning much about blockchain tech and its future issues. To start your trading career, you may Check This Website.

Kittynomica token is the new crypto of the Kittynomica blockchain. It has been created in the bear market. Such experiences got ingrained in its network. So these issues can be prevented. VeChain and Cosmos are two other blockchains. They have huge prospects.

All about Kittynomica token


It is utility-based crypto. It has been created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It lets the token have the speed of the Binance Smart Chain because it is integrated with the already present structure. This token is of type BEP-20, and the BSC on which it has been built gives it the power to create blocks every 3 seconds. It surpasses 13 seconds of Ether.

It is of type BEP-20. The BSC on which it has been built gives it the power to create blocks every 3 seconds, surpassing a few significant blockchains. Such tokens have cross-chain compatibility. It accommodates coins from various blockchains. It aids the native token to increase its value, utility, and liquidity with everything happening with a low gas fee.

Should you buy a Kittynomica token?


It is much cheaper in price than other cryptocurrencies. It is due to its presale. These tokens can never assure profits. Yet the correct trading experience is very worthwhile. Its current presale is happening, and it lets you buy them at the best prices from the sire before their official launch. So it is increasing the profit range if this token were to undergo any bull run.

Kittynomica is known to be a platform focussing on user-generated content. This network has three unique products that give the best user-generated content experience compared to various cryptos.

A marketplace exists within it. Users can use it for publishing, selling, and uploading digital assets they have created on the Voxel Editor. It is integrated into its network. It provides users the power to make memes on this platform. An idea that users come up with can be created easily with the editor. Then the user exports the designs to the marketplace, where digital assets are sold.

Kittyland is an exciting feature. It lets users have assets to make use of their digital creations. A user can put assets inside a piece of Land, a BEP-20 token. They own it inside the broad KittyVerse. Users come with the freedom of putting assets on their land and then shaping it in the same way that satisfies them. Such an aspect is like owning physical property of real-world entities such as skyscrapers that can be established on the land.

All about VeChain


It is a network based on blockchain tech with the main focus on supply chains and logistics, where the name comes from. Two native cryptos are there in VeChain. They are the VeThor and VeChain tokens.

VeChain includes features mainly designed to track goods and many forms of data. Firms that require a verified ownership chain by shipping or production, among other processes, can employ such a token for this.

It can create smart contracts within this blockchain. Users can track ownership and also manage various kinds of goods. Any electronics manufacturer will quickly follow the process of the product from its inception to its distribution using VeChain. One plant-based firm can track its plants using VeChain from the point of plants to the sale for end-to-end compliance needs. Its selling or purchase can be tracked through VeChain.

VeChain uses VeChainThor for supporting currencies, the same as smart contracts. Currencies inside the blockchain of VeChain comply with the VIP180 standard created for VeChain. It is similar to how ERC-20 tokens have been for Ether.

Ether employs a PoW consensus mechanism. But VeChain employs the PoA mechanism. It is for creating an efficient network that makes use of less power.



Other than these, Cosmos has many blockchains within it. It works in a competitive nature. It means that it prioritizes interoperability within the blockchain. Another interoperable blockchain is Avalanche. It works differently from Cosmos. It has seen a spike in its token value as its interoperability feature got capitalized on.

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