Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 October 2022

I reckon the covid jab has lowered the average IQ by 20 points

There is no doubt that people are becoming more stupid.

Yesterday I saw a photo of a girl carrying a sign which said: ‘Follow the science’.

Sadly, and rather comically, she was wearing a mask.

Like the royal family, whose motto is: ‘everyone should stop flying except us’, she obviously didn’t believe in practising what she preached.

Everywhere you look there are signs that a very hefty proportion of the world’s population has lost most of their brain cells and become as dumb as Britain’s latest comedy double-act ‘Truss and Kwarteng’ (‘uncertainty and chaos a speciality and children’s parties at half price’).

A high proportion of young people claim to be unsettled because they don’t understand what is going on. They are terrified of covid, long covid and probably short covid too. They love their apps and their credit cards and they hate cash.

Their problem is that they are too damned stupid to understand what is happening, to realise that nothing is happening by accident and that we are on the edge of the Great Reset.

I’d guess that the covid jabs have lowered the average IQ of the jabbed by at least 20 points.

In mid-December 2021 (that’s the best part of a year ago) I made a couple of videos warning that the gullible fools who had agreed to be jabbed with the covid-19 jab (a jab they didn’t need, that wasn’t going to prevent them getting covid and which might kill them or turn them into invalids for life) might, as a direct result of the jab, suffer serious brain damage and lose whatever marbles they’d got.

That fear was real.

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