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Energy Bills Skyrocket due to Smart Meter Glitch Following New Price Cap Update

Privacy invasive and hazardous utility “Smart” Meters (electric, gas, and water) are often promoted as being vital to “energy efficiency programs”.  The fact is “Smart” Meters allow utilities to remotely control consumers’ energy use whether consumers want that or not!

Opposition to “Smart” Meters has been worldwide since utilities started deploying them over a decade ago.  Adding insult to injury, costs for their installation, maintenance, and replacement are often passed on to consumers.  Problems associated with these awful devices include fires, explosions, harmful radiation emissions, mechanical and technical issues.  Sometimes their shortcomings even make headlines.

Smart meter glitch sends energy bills skyrocketing and households into ‘complete panic’

The new rise in energy bills that took hold at the weekend has caused major smart meters to temporarily malfunction.

By Antony Ashkenaz

When will households start receiving money off energy bills?

Households across the country were left in shock and panic after a glitch in their smart meters following Ofgem’s new price cap update showed that they had used a staggering amount of electricity overnight. It happened after midnight on October 1, which is when Ofgem raised its price cap on household energy bills to £2,500 a year. Before the Government’s intervention in freezing the bills at £2,500 for the next few years, industry regulator Ofgem had raised the price cap to a staggering £3,549 per year, which would thrust millions of families into fuel poverty. Many families who paid for their energy using a prepayment meter were shocked after waking up on Saturday morning to see the new astronomical prices.

Energy suppliers including Scottish Power, SSE, Eon and Octopus admitted that there were some issues with the smart prepayment meter displays on October 1, warning consumers that it may take about 24 hours to show the correct prices.

However, many families took to social media to express their concern after waking up to see the staggering energy bills that they had somehow racked up overnight.

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