Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 October 2022

Don’t ask me to cheer the doctors belatedly speaking out about the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines (HEAR, HEAR, where were you when it mattered? Oh, on TV promoting the jabs)

I have nothing but contempt for the doctors who, having seen that the personal risks are now slight, have belatedly popped their heads above the parapet to agree that the covid-19 jabs are neither safe nor effective.

They are popping up all over the place and, bizarrely, being cheered for their ‘courage’. Mainstream media is suddenly giving airtime to doctors who are criticising vaccination. Doctors who received establishment approval for promoting covid jabs are now enjoying approval for criticising them.

It’s difficult to believe that this isn’t a plan to create confusion and anger.

Whatever the reason, it’s too damned late now.

Millions of people have been jabbed with this toxic, experimental junk.

Thousands have died. More have been mortally wounded by a jab they didn’t need and should never have been given.

The truth was available, and clear to see, back in the autumn of 2020 – nearly two years ago. Check out the articles on my website. (My 300+ videos have been removed by the conspirators, of course, though you may be able to find them. How curious it is, and how suspicious, that YouTube now carries videos criticising the covid-19 jab. YouTube removed all my truthful videos, removed my channel and banned me for life from even looking at other people’s videos. My reputation and income were deliberately destroyed. What has changed? Well, tens of millions have been jabbed and the narrative has changed. Maybe the establishment wants to add more fear and anger into the mix and is using these Johnny-come-lately doctors to help create chaos.)

It was clear in late 2020 that there was no pandemic.

It was clear in late 2020 that the covid-19 jabs were unnecessary.

It was clear in late 2020 that the covid-19 jabs were very dangerous and caused a whole range of serious side effects.

That’s nearly two years ago!

For daring to tell the truth in videos, articles and books I was attacked endlessly and described as a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist’.

And yet the doctors who are now speaking up kept silent when the truth really mattered – and could have made a difference.

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