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Why are we scared of change?

In one way or another, we all experience some level of fear surrounding change. The change can be as small as a new hairdo or as big as moving to the other side of the ocean, but the anxiety we feel about it is there. But change is everywhere and it happens all the time, it is a necessary part of life in order to grow. However, many of us don’t feel constantly afraid about change thanks to a little thing called the comfort zone.

Thanks to our comfort zones we stay in our bubbles where things don’t change so often and we are, as the name suggests, comfortable. Though it is important that we step out of that bubble every now and again.

Reasons why change is scary

The main reason people fear change is because of a deeper fear of the unknown. We don’t know what the outcome would be when we embrace change. And unfortunately, that outcome can be a negative one. That isn’t a risk many of us would take. When we don’t know what will happen we tend to think of the worst thing that can happen. This creates worry and in turn, creates more fear around having to change. 

Reasons why change is good

The biggest reason we don’t like change is that the outcome of that change can be bad. But using that same logic, the outcome of the change can also be good. This is something we all tend to forget all the time even though it’s something we all know. If you embrace change you can figure out something new about yourself and others, you might find out how much you enjoy this change or how others perceive you now. You can find your new favorite style or food. It will allow you to learn about different parts of yourself that will lead you to self-discovery. Without change, growth is impossible. 

Change is important

A great example of a case where change was necessary but ignored is with the company Blockbuster. They thrived in the age where we had to buy our movies in stores if we wanted to watch them at home. Everyone loved Blockbuster because they did everything right. They sold snacks to go along with the movies and everything. But then streaming started becoming a thing and people could go online to watch movies and tv shows. Blockbuster could have gone through some organizational changes and started a video streaming service but they didn’t. They stayed as they were and unfortunately went out of business. 

Many organizations fear change just like people, but if they don’t change the outcome won’t be good for them. It could end up worse than if they did change, like Blockbuster. Though, organizations do have the option to seek help when going through transformational changes, such as from BiZZdesign. We, however, have to learn to go through changes on our own, and it can be worth it!

Push yourself

There is nothing wrong with staying in our comfort zone, it’s there for a reason. But make sure to do little things that scare you and get you out of that comfort zone. Don’t let the unknown stop you from missing out on something great.

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