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Eddie Izzard was born male and he will die male

If you had told me five years ago that I would one day have to write an article explaining that Eddie Izzard is not a woman, I’d have thought you mad. And yet here we are, in 2022, so deep down the rabbit hole of gender insanity that it has become necessary to say that Mr Edward John Izzard, possessor of male genitalia, his entire body hardwired with the XY chromosome, is not a woman. He’s a bloke. However ‘fabulous’ he might have looked in a ‘floral dress’ that ‘flashed a hint of leg’ at the premiere of that new biopic about Bowie – as the Express gushed – he’s still a chap. No amount of pink lippy will change that. He was born male and he will die male.

Eddie Izzard is an adult human male. Every cell in his body is a dude’s. If someone was to dig him up in a hundred years time and use his DNA to create a clone, guess what they’d end up with? Yep, not a she / her, not even a they / them (whatever that is), but a man. It has become necessary to say this because Mr Izzard now goes by the pronouns she / her (now that’s misgendering), is widely referred to as female by the media, and has taken to using the women’s loo. In short, trans lunacy now has such a chokehold on society and its institutions that all someone like Mr Izzard has to do is click his fingers and say ‘I feel like a girl now’ and the great and good will fall at his feet and intone: ‘As you wish, Miss Izzard.’ And in such unhinged circumstances, it becomes more important than ever to tell the truth. The truth in this case being that Eddie’s a fella.

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