Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 3 October 2022

Artificial Intelligence IS NOT God, but it is Quickly Being Ushered in as the New Sheppard for the Human Herd

Norbert Wiener is attributed with creating his theory on cybernetics which showed how important feedback loops were in the control and communications with animals, people, and machines. His book, Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, published in 1948, became a bestseller despite it being filled with complex equations. It was influential for AI, and the development of chaos theory, digital communications, and even computer memory. Like several others, Wiener compared the human brain to the computer, and speculated that computers would be able to replicate themselves. However, Wiener also acknowledged the downsides of computers such as dehumanization, and that machines would make people unnecessary. So even he knew it was far from utopia.

There’s a false perpetuated narrative that technology and computers don’t make mistakes. This has led to the people literally handing over their privacy and freedom of speech to the globally connected mass controlled network of digital dictators watching everything through cyberspace. In other words, it’s as if people have accepted technology as their new “god” of the modern world. No one knows exactly how and when it happened, it just sort of did and this unspoken mass compliance has led to a society where no one questions “god”, aka artificial intelligence. No one is saying that this technology was developed by imperfect human beings, and that such a creation can no way be near perfect when human beings themselves are flawed.

How can people foolishly believe technology to be perfect when the creators themselves have not addressed their own issues? Human beings have not solved disease, old age, war, hunger, homelessness, over population, poverty, inequality, racism, and a whole plethora of social, economic, spiritual, physical, and emotional problems which continue to plague society. So how then can such a being create a machine that is perfect, free of bias, and can do what is only “fair”. It’s all a bunch of BS – bad science, forced down people’s throats in the name of “safety”.

Nijeer Parks was wrongfully arrested due to faulty facial recognition technology, proving that the technology is not very accurate as of yet. And when nearly everyone has a doppleganger with similar DNA, how can such a technology be considered free of error? It doesn’t stop there as genes can be copied, sophisticated face masks can be worn as seen in Mission in Impossible, and all other forms of techno-control can be manipulated and exploited. No system is perfect, but Big Tech wants to you to think that their technology is the key to life.

Over reliance of technology is leading mankind astray from common sense. The spiritual has become replaced with the digital, and this is why a big emptiness is growing inside people causing depression and other health problems. Scientists, who are really just spokes mouths for corporate brands, are now telling people what to believe in, and condemn those who do not subscribe to their version of science. And it is seen in the realm of genetics, physics, medicine, biology, and all other sciences. I’ve even seen it in mathematics, where politics is inserted to push the liberal fascist agenda.

The whole technology movement is to move human beings away from God by offering modern convenience, pleasure, and the false notion of superiority. It’s no different than the serpent swaying Eve.

Artificial intelligence is advancing faster and faster where it is expanding its reach into virtually every industry and every profession currently known to man. Here are some examples –

  • AI translating different dialects (ex. English to Spanish)
  • AI translating programming languages
  • AI painting works of art based off of a description texts the user enters can replace speed drawers in police, painters, automate art for corporations
  • AI writing articles for you

AI is being prepped to basically replace human jobs to automate every task for corporations to make things faster and get things done quicker and more efficiently. And of course, cheaper. But where does this lead? Where is it going to take human beings in the next ten, twenty, or fifty years from now, and is that a future we want? Will it be beneficial for the common man or only a select few?

These are the questions that need to be asked, but nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. They’re more preoccupied with being a good dummy, or excuse me, citizen by getting vaccinated, doubled dosed, triple dosed, quadruple dosed, and sending a check every month to fund the Ukrainian war.

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