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All carefully planned to manufacture a food shortage: Christmas turkeys could be at risk after worst bird flu outbreak in UK history (all confirmed by a PCR test not testing for it)

Families could be going without turkey this Christmas if the worst avian flu in British history continues to spread, a farmers union has warned.

Avian influenza H5N1 has been confirmed in captive birds, poultry and wild birds across England, Wales and Scotland, National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has said.

This has resulted in three million birds being culled with bird flu detected at 155 sites across the UK.

In its latest update on Saturday, NFU said four new avian flu outbreaks had been confirmed in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Poultry farmers are worried about their livestock and whether Christmas turkey supplies will be impacted, Sky News reports.

Chairman of the NFU Poultry Board, James Mottershead, told the broadcaster it is a risk.

“If bird flu, for example, gets into turkeys that could cause holy carnage; that could cause real supply chain issues in the run-up to Christmas time. The realities of it are quite severe.

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