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Is the fabric of society being undermined by mRNA fake vaccination?

We are currently facing threats of nuclear war, the removal of medical choice, and political dysfunction (watch THIS short THIS short clip of Tucker Carlson musing on the madness of US politics, watch till the end it’s telling). Political leaders appear to think we should be prepared to accept obvious untruths. A government bulletin on the hurricane in Florida advised those seeking shelter that they should prioritise Covid vaccination. 

No one calling the shots appears prepared to engage in rational debate. Cancelling, fabrication, and scapegoating have become the name of the game. It’s incomprehensible but real. Reckless doesn’t cover it, does it?

You might be thinking like me that something has brought the world to the brink, but what? If I was going to speak plainly, the chief suspect is mRNA vaccination, but how?

Travel back with me to 2013 – the start of widespread illicit synthetic opioid use. The side effects were horrendous, both physical and mental. Overdose deaths in the US rose steadily from around 20,000 in 2013 to 76,000 in 2021, and that doesn’t include the deaths caused by medical misprescription. Currently, there are 43 opioid prescriptions per 100 persons in the US. Two million Americans have an opioid use disorder.

The total suppression of pain by synthetic opioids completely blocks one of the most important and fundamental feedback loops in our physiology. Pain is there to enable us to learn what to avoid and realise what to rectify in our behaviour. Importantly it draws the attention of the healing microbiological resources of our physiology.

By 2014, average life expectancy in the US had begun to decline. The lesson of this sad period of medical history should have been not just that synthetic opioids should be controlled, but that a new generation of powerful medicines operating at the level of microbiological pathways could have unexpected drastic physical and, yes, severe mental adverse effects which threaten the longevity and the stability of society.

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