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Domestic Waste Disposal Practices

A clean, dust-free, tidy house and garden – what a wonderful place to be! It seems that the trickiest part of this path is the process of cleaning. You might be surprised to learn that waste disposal might turn into a bigger headache still.


And it’s more of an issue than it may sound: not only is it necessary to collect all the waste and dispose of it, but it’s also important to make sure this is done in an eco-friendly way. But why? 


As the studies show, in developing countries, the most common waste disposal method is uncontrolled dumping. This method is a threat to public health and the environment, and this is why people should take the matter into their own hands regardless of their whereabouts. For instance, even the UK’s recycling rate fails to meet the 65% target set by the post-Brexit Resource and Waste Strategy – it fluctuates between 45%-47%.


As a citizen, how can you affect the situation?



It doesn’t take long to sort your rubbish, and once you memorize all the recycled materials and where to place them, it can be done in seconds. However, some directions are needed to explain what can be recycled. Education is a key point here.


And don’t be frustrated if you miss your bin day. There are a lot of companies out there that can help with waste disposal – Any London Waste Management can even do it on the day of the inquiry, should you need an urgent rubbish collection.



This works great for food and garden waste recycling. The cocktail of food remnants and plants will fertilize garden soil effectively. It’s even possible to donate your compost to a public garden if you don’t have your own. 


Any Waste Management warns that organic materials, when left on the ground, are likely to begin decomposing, emitting foul odours and attracting insects. If you’re determined to set up your own composting laboratory, get yourself a compost bin.


However, you should know that it can attract rats and mice. If you’re not ready to deal with this, it’s better to call for professional help.


Sanitary Landfills

Domestic waste can be bulky and difficult to recycle. In such cases, you can send your debris to a sanitary landfill, where it will be decomposed into biologically and chemically inert materials. Some preparation is necessary, such as removing flammable materials. Read the rules beforehand so there’ll be no trouble in recycling the rubbish.


This is a relatively low-cost and effective way of dealing with waste. And, when it’s done far from the places where people live, it’s quite safe.


Professional Help

Sometimes you have too much waste to deal with, or you may be busy or have no time to deal with all the things mentioned above. Hire a waste-disposal company to help you with this task. Most of them can help you with utilizing your objects and chemicals, old furniture, washing machines, shed remains, and so on. 

They will definitely help you with hazardous waste, such as medical waste, batteries, chemicals, pesticides, and refrigerators. Even if these companies don’t deal with them themselves, they know which local authorities are responsible for their collection.

Before hiring anyone, make sure the company is licensed and has eco-friendly methods of waste disposal. Any Waste Management, for instance, can provide you with this information.

Preventive Measures

Think twice before you get rid of old items. Ask yourself – can they be reused or given to someone who really needs them?

  • Charity is a noble way of getting rid of possessions that are too good to be destroyed. Whatever the reasons for your giveaway, remember that some people desperately need the things that you consider rubbish. Check if anyone around you is in a difficult life situation, and your would-be garbage will have a new life.
  • Try to minimize the use of single-use items. There are textile bags for shopping that make a decent replacement for plastic bags. A great choice of well-designed bottles allows you to have your water with you without buying it in the supermarket every day. During the pandemic, we also learned that reusable face masks are more eco-friendly too.
  • Upcycle whatever you can. That means you can reuse old items to serve a new purpose. A table made of wine bottles, a pouch sewn out of an old leather jacket, colourful chips of ceramic dishes to decorate a concrete wall – whatever you can think of. Upcycling is a popular challenge for creative minds today.
  • Some old furniture can serve as firewood, especially if you have a summer house or allotment and can burn it there. Make sure there is no lacquer or paint on it- or sand the furniture before burning. 

Final Thoughts

Waste disposal is usually the responsibility of the local authorities. However, we are in a moment of history where ecological issues are as significant as ever. Domestic waste disposal practices show that anyone can play their part in forming a better future with clean air and water, turning to companies that know how to utilize waste properly.

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