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Declassified Files Reveal How U.S. Pilot Was Ordered To Shoot Down A UFO

UFO sightings have been pretty common over the Western Hemisphere for the last 50 years. In fact, the US Army has a unique ‘Area 51’ designated to deal with such sightings, as per popular conspiracy theories. While a lot of it is speculative, the recent publication of a couple of secret files puts many speculative things in place.

According to these files, a couple of US pilots manning fighter planes were asked to shoot down a UFO. This took place during the height of the Cold War, and the US government was afraid that this was an attempt at sabotage by the Soviet Union. But when they tried to shoot the UFO down, the latter displayed some amazing dexterity and speed – leaving the fighter planes far behind.

One of the pilots later mentioned that he was just moments away from shooting around 24 rockets straight at the object. Nevertheless, the UFO did showcase some extremely unpredictable behavior while evading the planes. The pilot also noticed that the UFO had been giving readings that closely resembled a flying aircraft carrier. This former pilot, Milton Torres, stated that the carrier had been motionless in the air for quite some time before it reached speeds of 7,600 mph and flew away. Due to the severe situation, he was asked to keep things under wraps for over 30 years. But with the National Archives in London releasing several UFO sightings, his own admission from the 1950s came up in the public forum.

Pilot Asked To Shoot UFO Is Bewildered At Having The Latter Fly At Incredible Speeds
In May of 1957 Milton Torres had been scrambling his jet (an iconic F-86 D Sabre) from RAF Manston in quite normal weather. But soon he received an order to fire a bunch of rockets at this UFO. For this purpose, Torres had to first authenticate; afterwhich he selected twenty-four rockets to shoot at this object. In his written testimony, Milton talks about how easy it was to lock onto the object, considering it was quite huge. However, moments before Milton could press the button, the object left the radar and the aerospace at incredible speeds – something that seemed quite out of place with an object of its size.

After this pilot touched base, an officer from the US government threatened him with a national security breach if this ever came out. The documents regarding this event provide no explanation as to what the object was – and why it was present in British airspace. But since this was the Cold War, and tensions between the USA and the USSR had been rising, even the UK had kept itself alert for any situation. The interaction between this UFO and this pilot simply showcases the gap between the technology of the 1950s and the technology of the unknown, if it truly was what the pilot believes it to be.

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