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Biden Admin Gives $41 Million in Contracts to Soros-Linked Group to Help Illegal Migrants Fight Deportations

The Biden administration has awarded $41.3 million in federal contracts to an advocacy group aligned with the progressive left’s Vera Institute of Justice, which helps illegal immigrants fight deportation from the United States.

The Acacia Center for Justice—a Washington-based nonprofit created through a collaboration between the Vera Institute of Justice and the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition—was awarded six contracts from the Department of Justice to provide “legal services” starting on Sept. 1, according to government records.

The Vera Institute of Justice has received millions in funding from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

On its website, the Acacia Center for Justice says its mission is to “expand on Vera’s work over the past twenty years in providing legal support and representation to immigrants facing deportation through the development, coordination and management of national networks of legal services providers serving immigrants across the country.”

Additionally, Acacia says its goals are “to support immigrant legal services and defense networks to provide exceptional legal services to immigrants and to advocate for the expansion of these programs and the infrastructure critical to guaranteeing immigrants access to justice, fairness, and freedom.”

Acacia recently obtained its federal tax-exempt status. On July 29, the IRS sent a 501(c)(3) determination letter to the group, declaring that its effective date of tax exemption was Dec. 29, 2021.

Fox News first reported on the nonprofit’s federal contracts.

In June, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 that the Biden administration has the authority to end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, Vera issued a statement applauding the court’s decision.

“The Supreme Court’s decision marks a key step in restoring asylum, a crucial component to a more just and equitable immigration system in the United States,” Vera stated.

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