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Russia Suggests U.S. Destroyed Nord Stream, Warns Against Provoking Nuclear War

The Russian embassy to the United States has issued a pair of statements regarding both the war in Ukraine and the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

On Wednesday, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov published an article addressing comparisons between the current situation in Ukraine to the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s.

Antonov noted that “this October will mark sixty years since the Cuban Missile Crisis when the USSR and the United States were on the verge of a nuclear conflict,” and said the time is now to “look closer at the foreign policy lessons that the two great powers have learned from that dramatic time.”

Recently, the ambassador pointed out, American media outlets and politicians have been repeatedly warning Russia may soon use nuclear weapons and comparing the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

However, Antonov claimed the “experts” are wrong about the comparison, and are “ignorant of history and misinterpret the current state of affairs.”

Continuing, the Russian representative described how global treaties signed over decades have recently “sunk into oblivion” and the U.S. has consistently searched “for opportunities to achieve global military dominance.”

NATO forces have also crept closer and closer to Russia’s Western border despite pacts to refrain from doing so.

Regarding the decision to wage war on Ukraine, the Russian Ambassador to America asked several rhetorical questions, including, “What did the United States do to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements?” and “Why did Washington keep silent for eight years and not pull Kiev up when Ukrainians and Russians were killed in Donbas?!”

He continued, “How could it ignore the terrible tragedy in Odessa when several dozen people were burned alive?! Where were the international humanitarian institutions?! Why did the administration prioritizing human rights allow such crimes?!”

These are all fair questions that have yet to be answered.

“Today it is obvious that the United States is directly involved in the military actions of the Kiev regime,” Antonov wrote. “Washington is openly building up the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine and provides it with intelligence. They jointly plan military operations against the Russian Armed Forces. Ukrainians are being trained to use NATO military hardware in a fight.”

Russia said it feels as if it’s “being tested to see how long it will remain patient and refrain from responding to blatantly adversarial actions and attacks.”

The ambassador also claimed media coverage of Russian nuclear threats is a “sham” and that President Putin would only use such weaponry in a defensive manner which would “strictly adhere to the 2014 Military Doctrine and 2020 Basic Principles of State Policy on Nuclear Deterrence.”

After Russia officially acknowledges the recent referendum in Donbas, Ukraine, in which citizens voted to become a part of Russia, Putin’s government will treat any attacks on that area as an attack on the Motherland.

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