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How UPDF Helps Bank and Financial Institutes Go Paperless

In this era of modernism and fast-paced world, every industry is being digitally transformed and modernized. Banks, other financial Institutions and law firms are no exception. The good thing is that, in order to expand their operations and improve their operations, banks, credit card companies, lenders, and other financial organizations are sincerely working to deploy a fully digital and computerized infrastructure. Converting all essential data to digital format is the initial stage in the digital transformation process. It is necessary to convert data into digital format so that it can be easier to extract insightful information digitally and make wise decisions. PDF conversion solutions and smart viewing solutions and PDF software like UPDF can help greatly to accomplish this. UPDF is also a great PDF software for law firms.

Let’s know more about how banks and law firms can make the use of software solutions like UPDF to digitize their setups conveniently. 

UPDF- The Only PDF Software for Banking

UPDF – An Ultimate PDF Document Management Solution 

Whether you are an individual who wants to manage his finances better or a law firm who wants to proceed with financial management using the PDF software, you can make use of UPDF. It is an all-in-one PDF solution that allows you to edit, read and annotate, sign and encrypt PDF documents. Moreover, you can also use it to convert any PDF file into a different popular format for your convenience. 


Let’s have a look at some of the major features of UPDF that are particularly useful for banks and financial Institutions and make their digital documentation processes much easier and manageable. 

  • Edit PDF Text and image 

As we know that PDF is a commonly used file format for banks and financial Institutions because of its excellent formatting features. However, it is a bit of a daunting task to add PDF text and images however you need to use your PDF for this purpose that allows you to add it images and text. While editing text, you can change its font, size, color and style. You can also add relevant images explaining financial information. Moreover, image editing features let you crop, rotate, extract, and delete images. You can also add image to PDF with it.

  • Read and Annotate PDF

As UPDF makes the document readable, financial staff and employees can easily read the financial reports and customers data. They can also annotate by adding comments, stamps, stickers, and text for their convenience. As a major requirement of confidential financial data, UPDF allows addition of handwritten signature or type-in an electronic signature. Moreover, it also allows business people and individuals to add different shapes and write the text within these shapes to make the document more readable and relevant. 

  • Convert PDF

UPDF is undoubtedly a great PDF software for law firms, banks, lending companies, and other financial institutions because it not only helps you digitize your PDFs, but you can also convert them into editable Word and other popular formats. In this way, you can edit them in their native applications like Word, Excel, PPT, and others and complete all of your tasks efficiently and effortlessly while also saving time and money. 

  • Organize PDF Pages 

As UPDF has the potential to make you go paperless, you can easily use it to organize and rearrange PDF pages. You can also add pages, mention page numbers, extract, remove and add them. You can also rotate pages where needed. The easy interface of UPDF makes it super simple to add blank pages, customize, rotate or turn the pages left or right in just a few clicks. UPDF can easily extract any page or set of pages from a PDF document and divide a PDF into numerous PDFs based on page numbers.

  • Password protect PDF 

It is no brainer that safety and security of financial documents is super important as the exposure of any constellation information can lead to serious legal issues and privacy concerns. Moreover, the exposure of bank account data and relevant information can cause money loss on a large scale. Understanding this demand of high security retention, UPDF gives the document encryption features that you can use to password protect PDF documents and keep your documents 100% safe for as long as possible. 

How UPDF can Help Banks with their Work?  

When processing financial records, manually inputting data can lead to mistakes and privacy violations while critical papers linger in email inboxes, but UPDF can fix all of these problems by automating the documentation and promoting their digitization, giving law firms, banks and financial institutions 100% control over all the financial activities and storage of data. 

By helping in conversion of bank account information into electronic form and promoting all types of document organization and protection features, UPDF aids in the processing, monitoring, and evaluation of data, including sizable volumes of customer information like privacy retention and protected documentation. UPDF also helps in addressing financial sector difficulties by reducing the requirement for paperwork, allowing electronic signatures, converting documents from one form to the other, allowing annotation for better management and page organization; its upcoming features include OCR and Redaction. 

Why Do Banks and Finance Institutes Need to Use PDF Document and PDF Software?

The majority of banks, financial organizations, and large law firms trash 98% of their paper documents because they recognize that digitizing the records may make their duties easier and more pleasant. Let’s look at a few real-world examples of why banks and other financial organizations need to employ PDF files and software to speed up their work.


  • Managing a high volume of paperwork is not an easy task. And conversion of documents into a variety of different file formats also becomes quite difficult when it comes to digitizing the documents. At this stage, PDF software helps in easy conversion of documents from one format to the other. PDF software UPDF accurately converts All sensitive elements of financial documents such as charts, graphs, diagrams, and statistical data. 
  • A PDF software also helps in editing the documents without hurting the formatting. 
  • Unlike paper documents, PDF software makes it super simple to search particular words, sentences or statistics in the financial documents. With a searchable documentation feature, banks and law firms can sort relevant information and pull out individual records.  
  • PDF software gives device friendly experience as the document does not lose its formatting no matter which device you use. 
  • To increase security and guarantee that only authorized staff can access the sensitive data, individual documents can be password-protected.
  • Cloud based storage of data makes it considerably easier and safer to keep it since the files can be periodically backed up and are resistant to physical harm.
  • PDF software for law firms and banks help them in complying with strict financial security and regulatory regulations. 



In this era of modernism and technological advancement, almost all the financial Institutions are planning to be 100% paperless. At this stage, the role of PDF software like UPDF can never be denied as they are essential for data management, document encryption, page organization, electronic signatures and all those activities that are required for the completion of electronic tasks and are necessary to reduce, and even completely eliminate the need for paperwork.

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