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Scientifically Proven Ways to Study Better This Year: Tips for College Students

The ability to learn is a skill that students master and develop throughout life. In a hyper-dynamic world, only continuous learning allows you to stay afloat and keep up with the times. Requirements for students and their academic success increase annually. And the year 2022 is not an exception. St

Marcel Wenman proves that the speed and efficiency of study depend more on the ability to independently develop and use a strategy for studying the material and less on the power of the intellect. One must plan study time, track progress, and reflect. This post will be helpful for students who want to improve their study skills and use their resources efficiently.

Do everything on time.

A psychology expert Rita Emmett states that procrastination is one of the biggest problems of our generation. Students put off assignment writing as they expect this task is unbearable. As a result, students do not have enough time and energy to submit a research paper on time. A brilliant idea, in this case, is to write pay someone to write my research paper request for online help. It is a way to reduce stress and frustration, and celebrate outstanding academic achievements. If you hire StudyClerk writing experts, you get only gain and no pain. Besides, you have a structured and outlined paper.

Multitasking is the enemy of active learning.

Multitasking distracts attention and makes learning less effective. It is confirmed by the research study published in the Computers & Education magazine. Thus, if you need to prepare a project presentation and write an essay simultaneously, it is hard to concentrate on both tasks equally. Experienced students usually address the best research paper writing services  and get the necessary support to produce well-written content. It saves time and effort and allows students to perform more essential tasks and pay attention to all the details.

Use various sources of information.

The human brain can receive information from the five senses. At the same time, at least two are suitable for effective learning – vision and hearing. Using text, visual and audio materials to obtain new information develops different brain sections and helps to learn faster. Therefore, you can watch a video, read a synopsis or listen to an audio book while studying. 

We also have very efficient visual and spatial memory. One of the techniques built on our natural capabilities is called “Memory Palace.” This technique involves reproducing in memory a familiar place, and using it as a kind of notepad to record information.

Do not get distracted.

Turn off all sounds and vibrations on your phone and computer, set up special blockers of certain websites, programs, or social networks, and set a timer for 25 minutes. Concentrate and work hard during this time. When the 25 minutes are up, come up with a small, witty reward for yourself. A few sessions like this every day will help you in your studies. Try to determine the times and places where you usually study, and not be distracted by the computer or phone and better concentrate on your studies or work.

Sleep well.

Did you know that just being awake causes the brain to produce toxic substances? During sleep, the so-called “cleaning” of toxins happens. It helps to keep the brain in a normal state. Sleep helps build the neural connections needed for the thinking process. That is why it is better to sleep before a responsible event, test, or exam than to prepare all night. 


The key factor of an effective student is intelligent study. The issue of successful learning and improvement of learning skills remains the focus of attention of the world’s leading scientists and psychologists. They actively research and find ways to find tips for college students to improve the learning process. 

Following those recommendations, students learn to memorize faster and spend less time on exam preparation. Many successful students obtain better results in their studies by developing and following the rules of effective learning, which are scientifically proven. What is more, an efficient way to improve the quality of students’ academic success is to master the art of not wasting time.

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Mary Cardoza is interested in leading scientific research in the field of the human cognitive sphere. She looks for new ways to improve the learning process and shares her ideas and experience on various websites. She finds comfort in helping students with their research papers and essays and making their student lives simpler.


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