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How to Get Reviews on Amazon Legally and Fast?

Did you know that according to recent research, 92% of clients may hesitate to purchase something that has not been reviewed? So does AMZ product feedback influence your conversions? Of course, it does!

Goods with positive testimonials appear higher in search results than those that do not have ones. It is only one of the main criteria. However, it does make a difference. Buyers usually read reviews before picking an item.

There are various methods to generate feedback on Amazon. Many platforms are free; a few require providing free stuff or using third-party services. The key is to develop a plan and follow it, get reviews on Amazon, and build your brand.

Add Product Inserts Asking for Reviews

Well, the most common way to encourage buyers to share product feedback on Amazon is via the usage of product inserts. Many merchants add a card into the packaging, asking buyers to leave a testimonial.

However, this method has recently drawn the attention of the marketplace. They’ve noticed that some merchants have been breaking the rules, so don’t forget to check AMZ’s guidelines on this issue. For instance, you cannot divert bad reviews or tell clients to email you instead of writing a negative review. Thus, ask for product feedback, but be neutral. Likewise, telling shoppers to leave you a five-star review — or even showing an image of five stars — is against AMZ’s guidelines.

Request Feedback in Your Newsletters

You probably use an email newsletter if you are covering all steps in your online marketing plan. Include a section asking for testimonials in your template. You will not get a ton of clicks from this, but it is a one-and-done job that may result in a couple of more reviews dripping in regularly. Would you say no to that?

Facebook Groups and Different Public Forums

Use your social media or blog connections to advertise. You can expand your exposure and grow sales by adding a link to your AMZ product page on blogs, forums, or social media. With more sales, you will get more customer reviews. Many merchants leave review requests on the FB group page, and shoppers tend to comply as they feel connected to your brand.

Leverage Third-Party Automated Tools

Email tools can help get AMZ product reviews. While the platform provides its automated responder feature, you may consider using a third-party responder tool. Amazon puts many restrictions on its Seller Messaging System. For instance, you can utilize it to resolve delivery problems but not to send coupons, personalized thank-you messages, or special offers. You also cannot do things AMZ does for sellers automatically, like confirm shipments or orders.

Autoresponders or feedback management tools are services that send predesigned emails automatically to clients. Some companies use them to reply to inquiries, while others send review requests.

Enrol in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

This last suggestion is for new items only. Here’s how it works. According to the platform’s review rules, merchants are not allowed to pay clients for reviews, but they never said AMZ couldn’t do the same thing. So with their Early Reviewer solution, the marketplace sends customers a nominal gift card for their testimonial.

You can get up to five reviews through this option, which will all be marked with an Early Reviewer badge. Sure thing, there is no guarantee such feedback will be positive. Nonetheless, this marketplace-approved approach to generating reviews is worth it for newer items.

Final Thoughts

Getting more feedback on Amazon can help you succeed on the platform, so it’s essential to understand how to do it promptly and legally. Hopefully, the info in this blogpost has given you good thoughts and ideas.

Use the tools AMZ provides but checks its policies carefully to stay out of trouble. In addition, estimate your budget and consider using external traffic and PPC to acquire product sales. The more you sell, the more feedback you get. The more positive feedba

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