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As Brigg Power Station to become Centrica battery storage plant a reminder of what this latest ‘green’ policy can lead to

Centrica has started work on the conversion of its decommissioned gas-fired power station at Brigg, turning it into a huge battery storage facility.

When complete the North Lincolnshire site will be able to provide the equivalent of a full day’s energy for 11,000 homes.

The company is working with GE on the 50MW/100MWh proposal, providing energy storage for the 43 onshore wind farms across Lincolnshire. It is part of a number of solutions being brought forward to help balance the grid and provide better control of the peaks and troughs associated with renewables generation.

Batteries will charge when electricity demand is low, discharging when requirements heighten. It is the largest investment in storage made by the company to date, though the expenditure is not being disclosed.

Greg McKenna, managing director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Investing in low-carbon energy assets that boost the UK’s ability to store more renewable energy is key to getting to Net Zero. Lincolnshire has 242MW of onshore wind power capacity, but when supply outstrips demand some of those green electrons will go to waste if not stored. Working with GE we’ll store green energy produced locally and use it as efficiently as possible.

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