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Letter in 1986 to the truly evil Rabbi Menachem Schneerson by Ryke Geerd Hamer, the discoverer of Germanische Heilkunde (German Healing Art) with its demolition of everything that ‘cancer’ is claimed to be

To Chief Rabbi
Dr. med. Menachem Mendel Schneerson
770 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn
New York 11213

Dear Mr. Chief Rabbi!

You are the spiritual leader of all Jews of the world, as Rabbi Denoun told me. You are also the spiritual leader of all Masonic lodges working to build the “The Temple of Zion”. You are a medical doctor and you understand German pretty well. Therefore, my letter to you is at the right address.

As much as I was pleased that you have read and obviously understood my German book “Krebs, Krankheit der Seele, Kurzschluss im Gehirn, dem Computer unseres Organismus” and have already given orders to use it for your Jewish patients, I am disappointed that you have apparently not yet given orders to your Masonic lodges to lift the boycott against the IRON RULE OF CANCERconcerning non-Jews. Please don’t tell me it wasn’t you, because I know everything about it.

Your Masonic lodges have committed the most horrible crime in human history for 5 years now by boycotting the discovery of the IRON RULE OF CANCER. Because of that, hundreds of the poorest millions of people suffered a painful death. The Masonic lodges and Israel, at whose service all these Masonic lodges are working to realize the “Temple of Zion,” are responsible and collectively guilty for this worst crime in the entire history of mankind. My wife is also one of the victims of this boycott-terror. My family and I have been systematically terrorised for years. Four times they tried to kill me.

Mr. Chief Rabbi, you are the best informed person in the world, I believe. You also know very well that every word I wrote to you is true. The Temple of Zion, which your brothers of the Masonic Lodge are working on, has become the Auschwitz of Israel for five years now, into which Israel has manoeuvred itself. The dimensions of this crime are beyond any human mind’s imagination, I think.

Even if the Masonic lodge brothers work according to the “double standards” of the Talmud, I could never have imagined before, that human beings could be capable of a crime of this terrible dimension.

Mr. Chief Rabbi, whatever you may or may not admit, history may decide. This crime is getting bigger every day. After this letter you will have no chance to remain silent, because this letter will never disappear from the world.

I beg you for my patients: Give your lodges finally the order to lift the boycott against the Discovery of the Causes of Cancer. Every Rabbi Schön and Rabbi Seligmann from Koblenz to New York will follow your order, especially since you, as a medical doctor, have convinced yourself that the IRON RULE OF CANCER reflects the true facts about cancer.

Rabbis and lodge masters or their representatives come to me every day to negotiate some conditions under which the boycott could be lifted. But there must not be any conditions for whether people continue to be tortured to death or not!

Dear Chief Rabbi, if Zionism has to be bought with the worst crime in the history of mankind, it is a disgrace for all mankind. Throw away your Talmud with the double standard of morality, it has failed. I beg you on my knees for my dying patients: Have human compassion for our tortured patients, both Jews and non-Jews! Only this compassion can alleviate this horrible crime.

Please, give immediate orders to lift the boycott and let the dying patients be rescued!

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