Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 September 2022

Pro-China authorities in Hong Kong are mocked for forcing children to wear double ‘Covid’ masks while playing the FLUTE in propaganda video – all part of the calculated psychological programming agenda

Hong Kong‘s commitment to zero-Covid has been laid bare in a new propaganda video which shows schoolgirls wearing double face masks while they play the flute.

The video, which was released by Hong Kong’s Education Bureau ahead of China‘s National Day on October 1, has drawn ridicule online.

More than 400 schoolchildren were invited to participate in the five-minute long advert titled ‘Young China Says’, which shows them participating in a variety of artistic activities from singing to martial arts, all while wearing face masks.

At the 45-second mark, the video shows two schoolgirls with cumbersome double masks which have a gap for the mouth and a secondary flap covering their flutes.

Social media users have expressed their bemusement online, with the South China Morning Post correspondent Jeffie Lam writing: ‘This city never fails to surprise me,’ along with the hashtag #maskingtilltheendoftheworld.

The video release came as Hong Kong announced earlier this week that Covid restrictions, including social distancing, mask wearing in public places and digital health codes to enter public venues, would remain in place for at least another two weeks.

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