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“PayPal, You Messed With the Wrong Guy”

Laura Dodsworth has interviewed Toby about PayPal’s shocking and “ironic” deplatforming of the Free Speech Union and the Daily Sceptic. In the introduction on her Substack page (which you can subscribe to here) she sums up what makes this latest piece of censorship from the woke tech giant so worrying.

PayPal has closed the accounts of the Free Speech Union, the Daily Sceptic and founder Toby Young’s personal account. Since all three accounts were shut at once and PayPal won’t specify exactly why it has taken this action, it would appear to be a blatant case of censorship.

This is Big Tech bowdlerisation and banditry as PayPal is also withholding Toby’s funds (which it has the right to do) while it decides whether to apply damages. Make no mistake: this is a chilling insight into a world of social credit scores and programmable currencies, where your money can be turned off at the flick of a switch if you don’t behave.

It does not bode well that the Bank of England is consulting with PayPal, among others, about how to develop a CBDC [Central Bank Digital Currency].

Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

How do you feel about it?

I’m really angry about it. How dare they? I’ve had my personal account for nine years and never heard a peep about violating its policies before now. I’ve been paying the 1.5% commission on all transactions without complaint. Where does it get the nerve? To just pull the rug out from under me, with no notice, just accused, tried and convicted all at once, with no possibility of parole. Thank God PayPal isn’t running the criminal justice system!

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