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Massive Increase in Global Greening as Extra Carbon Dioxide Boosts Global Crop Yields

I was delighted to join Richard Tice last Sunday on his excellent Talk TV Sunday morning show to discuss some of the recent good environment news that is ignored by mainstream media. More Arctic ice, polar bears, seals and coral, of course. Great to be getting on with, but is there no end to all these glad tidings? Now, scientists have shown that world food production has soared in recent decades as carbon dioxide has taken small steps to reclaim atmospheric levels common through geological time until the relatively recent past. One Italian scientist estimated that reducing atmospheric CO2 back to pre-industrial levels would lead to an 18% decrease in the production of many basic global foodstuffs.

The current level of atmospheric COat 419 parts per million (ppm) is near an all-time low. If it goes much lower, say to around 180 ppm, plant and human life will start to die off. According to the ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore, over the last 500 million years the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has fallen from 15,000 billion tonnes to just over 850 billion tonnes. A minute part of this enormous capture is released during periods of natural warming, especially from the vast stores held in the Earth’s oceans. Many scientists remain relaxed about rising levels of CO2. Dr. Roy Spencer, the former senior scientist at NASA, also notes the beneficial effect on plants, adding: “Though CO2 is necessary for life on Earth to exist, there is precious little of it in Earth’s atmosphere.”

Of course the current alarm about CO2, politicised in the interest of pushing the command-and-control Net Zero project, is about its warming effects in the atmosphere. But links showing an automatic increase in temperature after a rise in COare hard to find throughout the 600 million year climate record. One interesting hypothesis gaining scientific ground is that the gas becomes ‘saturated’ after a certain point, and its warming properties fall dramatically.

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