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Iatrogenic Disease (Death By Doctor) – the Secret Epidemic

‘Iatrogenic disease’ is not a phrase you will hear doctors using very often. It means an illness which has been caused by a medical examination or treatment.

The modern medical profession has become very dangerous and iatrogenesis (illness or death caused by doctors) is now one of the top three killers – alongside cancer and circulatory disease.

The result is that the person most likely to kill you is not a mugger, not a burglar, not a drunken driver and not an enraged relative. It is your doctor.

Modern, Western doctors, equipped with fancy drugs, exotic forms of surgery and impressive sounding radiotherapy techniques, are ranked alongside cancer, heart disease and stroke as major killers.

Four out of ten patients who are given drugs suffer serious and sometimes potentially lethal side effects. If the drug you’re prescribed is going to save your life that’s probably an acceptable risk. But how many patients who are merely suffering from something annoying or uncomfortable would willingly take a drug if they knew it might kill them? There are hugely profitable drugs on the market which have never saved any lives but which have killed or made ill countless thousands of people.

One in six patients in hospital is there only because he has been made ill by doctors. Most are suffering from unpleasant or downright dangerous drug side effects. In America, bad reactions to legal drugs kill far more people annually than all illegal drug use combined.

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